After we witnessed all of Aria's amazing fire abilities, it was my turn. I am now currently standing in the center of the dome room, and performing all the tricks I've learned over the three months I was with Aria, and I feel completely exhilarated. The men in the white lab coats and clipboards happily scribble notes onto their clipboards as they watch me create a mini hurricane, swirling around in the room. I still can't call out the gigantic water arms like I have the first time I ever used my powers.

After all the tests, Aria and I are finally brought to our rooms. We are told that we will be here until we 'officially' graduate. This means we have to stay here for at least six years, no matter what age. Aren't we basically being held captive?

I am now lying on my soft, silk, king sized bed, studying the schedule for the rest of the year on my iPad that the men in lab coats had given me.

Today is a Sunday, so classes start tomorrow morning. My subjects seem pretty interesting.

- Breakfast (6:00 – 8:00) -

Period 1 - 8:00 – 9:00 - History

Period 2 - 9:10 – 10:10 - Sciences

Period 3 - 10:30 – 12:00 - Combat

- Lunch -

Period 4 - 1:00 – 1:45 - Super-naturals

Period 5 - 1:55 – 2:45 - Individual Abilities Training

- Dinner (6:30 – 8:30) -

I wonder what Super-naturals class is. I also don't really know what they mean by Sciences class, but I aced at science, back in school, so I'm sure I'll be fine.

I take a quick shower and change into some fresh uniforms that consist of a black muscle-shirt with a single white 'U' emblem on the left chest area. The shirt is matched with a pair of black knee-length shorts that have the same 'U' emblem on the right hem. I flop onto my bed, groaning in exhaustion. It's already eleven at night, and today was a long and tiring day, so I pass out right when my head hits the feather pillow.

I wake up to the bright sunlight burning my eyes. Growling in annoyance, I flip over, blocking out the sun, and fall back to sleep.


I groan, frustrated, and blast the alarm clock with a ball of water. It zaps with electricity before toppling over and breaking. I roll around in the giant bed, trying to fall back into slumber again, but to no avail. Cursing, I sit up and rub my face with my hands. I glance at the clock on the wall in front of me which reads seven o' clock. Breakfast ends in one hour. I have plenty of time. I go to the bathroom to wash my face and do my morning business. Then, I grab the iPad, my room keys, and walk out the room.

I ride the elevator down seven floors to the third level, where the dining room is. The smell immediately invades my nose, and I sigh in content. I get some delicious looking food and look around for Aria. I find her eating at a table, and a few guys are sitting with her, laughing at what she says. I head over there, and they all look up at me.

"Hey, sit here." Aria says, pulling out a chair and moving it next to her. The guy sitting next to her before clenches his teeth, and I subtley raise an eyebrow.

I put my plateful of food down, plop down in the seat and start wolfing down the fluffy, heavenly pancakes. Aria turns on my iPad and starts comparing our schedules.

"Hey!" She cries, frowning. I look over at her, head cocked questioningly. "That's not fair! You don't have those stupid basic classes like mathematics and English!"

I smirk and say, "Yeah, that's 'cause I actually graduated."

Aria rolls her eyes at me but says, "We have History and Combat together, which means we have them with Blake, also."

Aria nods her head at the boy we saw before we were forced to sleep a day ago. He has short, spiky, black hair and alluring grey eyes that looks like they're invading my mind. I look away, down at my plate of food, and continue eating.

Aria and the guys carry on chatting, and I get pulled into their conversation from time to time. They're all pretty nice guys, but I can feel their tension, even though I don't know why they are so tense right now. One of the guys, Logan I think, is staring at me, making me shift uncomfortably. He's the only guy that doesn't look angry at me. Instead, he looks like he's studying me and trying to read me, but I have no idea why he would be curious about me.

After breakfast, Aria, Blake, and I leave for the history classroom, which is basically an auditorium. We sit down in the middle row, Aria in the middle of Blake and me. A girl bumps into me but quickly rights herself, so fast, I'm not even sure it happened until she turns to apologize.

"Sorry!" She says quickly, her neon green eyes flashing.

"It's fine." I say, shooting her a small smile. "My name's Chase. And you are?"

The girl brushes her long blonde hair aside and says, grinning, "Hi Chase! I'm Zoe Swift! Nice to meet you! Are you new here? I've never seen you before! Welcome to the Union, or Cohra, AKA Coalition Of Human Race Annihilation!"

I raise my eyebrows, surprised and amused by how fast she's talking.

"Whoa, slow down there, Swift," I laugh, raising my hands up, "you're like, talking a mile a minute! And yes, I am new here. Same as Aria,"

I point to Aria, who is looking at Zoe weirdly. Zoe gives her a bright smile and waves at her. I hold back a laugh when Aria blinks and forces a smile onto her face. She was never extremely friendly to strangers.

Zoe turns back to me and gushes, "Oh I love history class! It's so fun! You'll love Professor Stone. His power is a photographic memory and projecting whichever memory he wants inside anyone's head. That's how he teaches! It's so cool! It's like watching a movie! What's your power?"

I hold out my hand and let power surge through my forearm. The waterball forms slowly but surely, and I launch it in Zoe's face, but she dodges it amazingly fast. Her eyes are wide and wondering and she stares at my hand for a few seconds before she snaps out of her trance and grins at me.

"Wow," she breathes, "you're hydrokinetic. You're an Elemental. We haven't had one in centuries."

"What are elementals?" Aria asks, cutting into the conversation. Blake is talking to someone sitting beside him, so that's probably why Aria's talking to Zoe and me. I frown at that, but quickly smooth over my expression.

Zoe switches her gaze to Aria and replies, "Professor Stone will probably explain a bit to us today. But you'll learn that when you go to Super-naturals class."

"How do you know?" I ask.

Zoe shrugs and says, "That's what the teacher told us last class, on Friday. We will be learning all about the Elementals today. I can't wait! They're super powerful."

Her strong gaze burns into my eyes as she says, "And you are one of them."

"What about Aria?" I ask. Zoe looks at Aria, who instantly lights her hand on fire. Zoe's eyes widen again, and she looks like she's thinking really hard about something.

"Oh yea," she says chuckling lightly, "you're an Elemental too. You're pyrokinetic."

Before we can talk more, a middle-aged man with short, salt and pepper hair, dressed in a silver suit strolls up the stage.

"Silence!" His voice booms across the room, and silence emits immediately. Professor Stone paces the length of the stage for a minute before speaking again.

"The Elemental War."

Suddenly, a bunch of pictures slides through my head. The pictures are of people at war, except they were people with abilities, so the damages are ten times as heavy. A handful of pictures are of people on fire while being dragged under the earth, and people tangled in whirlwinds of hurricanes. Then a picture of a giant fireball and waterball colliding and morphing into wisps of smoke flits through my head. As fast as it started, the pictures stop, and I blink a couple of times to get the unappealing images of dying people out of my head. What makes it even sadder is that they are people with super powers like me.

I look around and see everyone blinking to shake their daze off. Professor Stone is standing the middle of the stage with both hands planted on his hips.

"Who can tell me what the two sides were?" The professor asks.

A few people raise their hands, and Professor Stone calls on a guy.

"The Pyro and Earth teamed up against the Hydro and Air." The guy says.

"Yes." The professor says, nodding. "Now who can tell me which side won?"

Professor Stone's scans the large room, and focuses his gaze on Zoe's arm, that is straight up in the air.

"Yes, Ms. Swift?"

"Technically, the Pyro and Earth won, but the four Elementals died before the end of the war, because the power released were to strong, and all four of them combusted on the spot. The Hydro and Air army never really functioned well enough, so they lost the war against the Pyro and Earth army." Zoe explains in a serious tone. Professor Stone gives her a small smile.

"Good job, Ms. Swift."

He continues talking about the Elemental War, and sending us mental slideshows from time to time. I learn that the Fire Elemental and the Earth Elemental were spouses, and the Water Elemental and Air Elemental barely just tolerated each other. They were only alliances because they have the same enemies. The Elemental War was in the sixteenth century, and went on for a hundred years. Super-naturals, that's what we're called, live up to one hundred and fifty years old unless we get killed before then.

History finally ends, and I'm dizzy with all the new information I've gathered about the Elemental War. The whole event is so surreal, I keep wondering if it's actually a fantasy book.

"What class do you have next?" I ask Zoe, since I know Aria has Mathematics class next. I don't bother asking Blake, because he just somehow unsettles me.

Zoe beams at me as we get up from our seats and walk towards the doors, where students are shoving each other through, using their different powers to their advantage. From my peripheral vision, I see a guy disappear, only to reappear outside of the doors. Teleportation. Lucky.

"I have Individual Abilities Training class," Zoe replies, "you?"

I shake my head and say, "That's too bad. I have Sciences."

Zoe grins at me and says giddily, "Oh that's a fun class! You get to blow things up! It's on the left of this room." I thank her and say 'bye'. I wave good-bye to Aria, who is grumbling about her 'stupid' Mathematics class, and Blake, who is chatting up some red-headed girl beside him. I head out the door and go to the room on the left, following Zoe's directions.

Sciences class is basically learning about how to make bombs and different types of weapons, as well as indestructible outfits that can adapt to anything. I finish making an indestructible black shirt by the end of the class. Zoe was right. Sciences is really fun. Making dangerous weapons and invincible clothing are interesting.