The Day Christmas lost it's magic

It was a December like any other. The rain poured down lightly, a sign of a dry summer. The full, green trees dropped their colors onto the the ground making them an ugly brown. The wind rustled through the bare trees, making them rattle like a snake, about to bring tragedy to all those around it. The streets bustled noisily with people and traffic, eager to get the best deals on last minute Christmas gifts. I was one of those. Eager to find the most perfect gift for both my parents. Passing from store to store, driving my mother or father crazy to get to a different store to get the perfect gift for whichever parent was not present. I found my perfect gifts. Some made and some bought. I slipped them under the tree with pleasure, imagining the look on their faces when they would open it. I could hardly contain myself. My parents were tired from the holiday traffic, I knew. It showed in their faces. The exhaustion , and worry. It was a hard time for my family at Christmas. At least most of them. Christmas was a time of memories. Sadly, not always happy ones. Some days it brought an uneasiness into the house. Like a rubber band about to snap, then it would shrink back to normal, but never the way it originally was. I wouldn't say our home was unhappy this time of year. It was a joyful time. Only on occasion would a horrible memory take the place of it's cheer. As the day grew nearer I tried to make myself the exuberant person that I usually was at Christmas. The young child eager for Christmas magic. I wouldn't come. No matter how much I tried …. it just wouldn't come. I wanted it so terribly. This particular Christmas was a very emotional time for my family. No matter what was going on around me, I was determined to feel my Christmas magic. I decorated, I sang, I spent, I hid, I wrapped. I baked willing the house to bring it's holiday smell. And yet, somewhere deep inside a felt something fade. Like a flower that has not received it's full nourishment. No matter how much a tried that feeling, the feeling of magic and cheer and glee would not come. It saddened me. If ever I needed my Christmas magic, it was now. The day came and I acted out my passed feelings on this day. Perhaps trying to bribe them to come. The day ended and drifted to sleep. Darkness encircled me. I fell asleep with a feeling of deep disappointment. My magic, my Christmas magic... where had it gone. I hadn't felt it. I hadn't felt the gleeful cheer no matter the circumstance. I hadn't felt the magic of the tearing of gifts to see what Santa had brought me. I wondered where it had gone Is this what it meant to grow up? Is this why I saw the stern faces of holiday shoppers and heard the angry blasts of horns? Had all those too lost their Christmas magic. The restless sleep of an excited heart. The dreams of wrapping paper and bows. The sound of sleigh bells in your sleep. A time to forget the troubles of life. Had these feelings also left those people? I felt an uneasiness inside of me. I didn't want it to go away. I wanted to keep that special day. To store it away like a bottled potion stored away to use only once a year. Had I lost my last drop? I got out of bed and got on my knees. "Dear God. I don't want to loose my Christmas magic. I want to feel the never ending joy that I felt before. Remembering your birth on Earth and rejoicing in it. Help me to remember you and feel the magic of never forgetting what you did for us . You came down in the body of a child. Full of innocence and love. Help me to never loose the magic of that child that you you first became. Help me to rejoice and shout praises to your name. And Lord, never let me forget the magic of Christmas.

You may wonder at the purpose at telling such a story. You see sometimes we get so rapped up in the business of the holidays that we forget about the true meaning of Christmas. We forget to rejoice in the Lord, knowing that we are saved because of our Savior that came to us in the form of a baby. Never forget the magic of Christmas. I know that when youthfulness is past and responsibility takes over, it is easy to forget. Take the time throughout this month to remember the meaning of this holiday. Not for peppermint sticks, or presents, or even old Saint Nick. But to rejoice in the coming of our Lord. That is magic that we should never ever loose or forget. The true magic of Christmas. You can loose the innocence of youth, but never forget the magic that should follow you into every area of your life. The magic of the birth of Christ.