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Life is too short

Life is too short…

This is a play based on a story anonymously submitted to the sites Creepy Pasta wikia, and the Creepy Pasta blog.

Running time: An hour- half an hour, (Short play)

Acts: 3 (Plus two mini inter-missions)

Characters needed for play: 13.

(Unisex roles): 7 (Female roles): 3 (Male roles): 3

- Time: (A basic dark outfit: So they blend in with the background.)

- Child: (A normal outfit, something a teen would wear.)

- Adult/teenager playing adult: (A gray shirt with a sweater over it with some jeans.)

- Older person in costume (A light blue top, with a darker blue sweater over it.)

- An adult daughter, (A black sweater, and jeans.)

- An adult son, (A black shirt, with a dark gray sweater, and jeans.)

- Two smaller children,
*Child one/girl* - A dark green top and jeans with a dark sweater.
*Child two/boy* - Jeans and a dark sweater.

- Doctor (Doctor Costume)

- Two nurses, (Nurse Costumes)

- Small child (unisex role)

- Demon (unisex role)


Ladies and Gentlemen, the title of this play is called: "Life is too short." This is based on a short story I found online, by the same name. Tonight we have an interesting story of how precious time really is… How fast life flies by, and well I guess it speaks for itself. Enjoy.

Act 1

-Opening on a classroom with a few students; with the standard back drop, with the person (Time) narrating the story as it progresses.

- (Time): "I was there, hanging back by the wall, when you were born. In no time at all, you were off to school. Eagerly I saw you grow, change, experience life… you were special in your own ways… but from afar you were just like the rest…"

- (Time) walks over and admires said child.

- (Time): "I was there when your parents filmed your graduation ceremony. You looked so happy, the world in your very hands. You thought we would be together forever. But I knew better… These things never last…"

*The curtains come to a close as (Time) resumes his place at the wall.*

Act 2

*Opening on an office like study with a few book cases, a desk, a lamp and an office plant. (Time) is sitting on the desk next to the grown up child.*

- (Grown up child): One elbow on the desk, one hand holding up your head as you down at the pile of bills, disapprovingly.

- (Time): "I sat in utter boredom as you worked your life away. "Later" we would travel, 'Later' you would appreciate me more, "Later" we would sleep in all day…"

- (Time) *Gets up and starts pacing. But while speaking, he looks back at (Grown Up Child) with a glare, but sighs and sits down around the second sentence.*

- (Time): "-'Later you would respect me more, love me more, care for me more… You turned out to be one of the bad ones… I guess I should feel sorry for you, but sadly I am quite used to it...

- (Time) smiles at the (Grown up child), still working away

- (Time): "Watching the once vibrant color of your crown evaporate, you blamed me constantly for the wrinkles marring your once smooth skin, for the frost now known as your greying hair."

- (Time): *Looks to the wall away from the grown up child as if in pity and self-disgust; as the curtains close.*

Act 3

- Opening on a hospital room with an old man/woman lying in bed with a few family members around for support. (Time) hanging around the back.

- (The hospital room) A bed, a night stand, flowers, and a beeping monitor.

- (Time): "Later" came and went. When you finally retired… you wept as it was too late for the laters you promised; but there is nothing I could do but what I've always done… Sit back and watch.

- (Time): sits down in a chair watching over old man/woman.

- The family supports leave, a few family members look back, unsure of leaving.

- (Time): A sad empty vase by my side was the only thing left as your children stopped visiting… Bringing fresh roses, I gazed patiently on your withering form, remembering your once youthful beauty. I could tell you missed me in those few hollow moments. Not knowing I was still there. Like so many before you and so many to come. You wished you had appreciated me more.

- (old man/woman): whimpers, looking toward (Time)

- (Time): I was the only one watching over you as Death came and greeted you with a grin… leading you away quietly, your soul gently guided home.

- (Time): When you and Death had departed I opened another eye, on the very same delivery room where you were born mere moments ago… But I guess your life really was like the blink of an eye… So quickly over with.

- (Doctor and Nurses): Enter to check on patient,

- (Doctor): begins to look worried, and checks patient's pulse to have to announce them dead.

- (Nurses): start gossiping, and texting - ;)

- (Old man/woman): Lies still as doctor pronounces them dead.

- (Time): looks down at (Old man/woman) with a smile.

- (Time): *finally revealing their identity to the audience (Time) comes forward to the center of the stage.*

- (Time): As Time I tend to see things more differently than most;

- (Time): Holding up baby doll warped up. Time finishes off the play.

- (Time): "Maybe this one will appreciate me more."

- (Time): But before we end this tale, I feel there is but time for one more little legend…

Last mini intermission

- A little make shift room is set up apoun the stage:

- (Random teen): Have you ever seen one of those videos where you're asked to look for or follow a specific thing through the video? And then at the end they reveal that as you were watching something large and intrusive moved around in plain sight and you never noticed it. It's frightening how often that happens.

- (Monster in the doorway): Like how I just moved from the doorway into your room as you read this.

*Cue ending music - My never - as cast appears on stage in front of the curtains to receive applause.*

© Danielle J. Barks