"Tonight I'll tell you the origins of the sector system. As you know, from birth everyone is divided into one of seven sectors, one for each of the five natural elements, fire, water, metal and wood, one for the roaming wind and one for those without a particular aptitude for any of the elements. This system keeps the peace among the cities and allows everyone to be happy.

"This was not always so. Before the network of cities was established, everyone lived in small communities. What was before that? There are stories of something called "democratic society," but no one knows quite what that was. After the fall of "democratic society", insanity reigned and wars turned to blood feuds. Amidst all this, someone discovered that some humans had a natural affinity for the purest form of the elements.

"About 200 years ago, a man tried to create something that would allow him to take over the world, a Void master. Something halfway between human and demon that feeds off the energy of others. This person used a forbidden science called genetic manipulation to experiment on human embryos to discover the combination of genes that would unlock the natural evil of a human.

"The founder of our great city, Nate Smith, heard of the plan and set out to stop it. A war engulfed our the entire continent for three years, and finally Nate Smith stormed the scientist's complex and slew him in his lab. But it was too late. The Void master had been born, and in the ensuing battle to destroy it, Nate Smith was mortally wounded.

"In the month that he lived after that fateful battle, Nate Smith managed to lay the foundation of not only our city, but of the dozens of others that make up our network as well. His dying wish was that the sector system be created in order to ensure that such a tragedy never occurred again.

"But there are those who still believe in that corrupt dream. They live outside the walls and under our streets. The corrupted Pure who foolishly believe that they know better than the council, but there is a kind yet worse that the Pure who lurks in the darkness. Those who defy the sectors entirely. They are the Melded, offspring of forbidden genetic manipulation and couplings between corrupted Pure of different sectors. They are deformed non-humans whose only wish is to take over the cities and plunge everything into darkness again."

Even though my father dragged me away from the old storyteller, chiding me for seeking out such nonsense, that story made an impression. I went to bed that night with images of half-shadowed demons in my head and woke up the next day with a mission. Ten years later at sixteen I joined the fire branch of the Enforcers so that I could finally make a difference in the covert war. I sprang through the ranks with a single-minded drive to make it to a rank where I could be on the front lines. Now, two years after my admission as a cadet, I'm finally about to be vetted for my first front lines mission. This is a huge leap forward; I'll personally be able to take a step toward eliminating them forever.