Chapter Ten

And just like that...everything was back to normal. Mother left us. Eric, our parents...they all returned to us and lived happy lives along side us. The First People returned and shared their stories of what had happened, that Mother had been preserving them in a dimension alongside ours for the day that humankind will be reborn...and reborn we were.

The Infected, or the Blessed, as they became to be known, returned to human-like forms and now live alongside us as protectors. The reason they'd lived exposed for so long was because the angel had not completed her purpose, and now Selma...wherever she is, is protecting us. Keeping the balance of us and nature, the elements, all aligned. Lately, the government of the United States has been hunting us, the Blessed, and the Saved, Tally and the rest of the organization, have been our only border between us and a feud with them. Six years have passed...I'm out on my own. I'm searching for my sister. For any sign she's still watching us...from high above.

"You sure about this, kid?" Isaac asked as he watched me put some weapons and supplies into a nap sack. "Your parents aren't going to be too happy with you leaving after having lost your older sister..."

"I don't care. I need to find her. I need to know she's still alive and I need to find a way to contact her. The Saved know how, and Tally left us a long time ago." I replied, zipping the nap sack closed.

" need a car..." he said.

I looked over my shoulder at him to find him grinning.

"I got one...I'm going with ya."

"...I guess I need some help..."

"Yeah, you do little missy." Isaac replied as he pushed himself off the desk he'd been leaning against.

Since my sister had become the guardian angel of the planet, Isaac has been mostly spending his time in the Lost World in the carnival we used to go to all the time to get her medicine. He and Jason both. Jason works for a mechanic shop, fixing cars like he always did before he was Blessed, and Isaac goes to help him sometimes, but mostly he comes to check up on me. The last thing I ever thought he would do is offer to help me run away.

"You have no idea how much this means to me, Isaac." I said softly.

"Hey, don't worry about it, Sophie. I'm sure she misses you." Isaac replied. "I know I would if it were me and Jason."

"Can I come too?!" Jason asked in excitement as he rushed inside, covered in dirt and grime from working on cars outside.

"Get yourself cleaned up and you got a deal." Isaac chuckled. I smiled.

I sat in the backseat of the hover car while Jason sat in the passenger seat and Isaac drove. When I looked out the window, I saw the town buzzing with reporters and news people from other towns around ours and others who traveled far. Ever since we were put back on the map, reporters became anxious to find out what all had happened during the time of our absence from the world outside. They wanted to know who we were. If we still considered ourselves American. If we had our own religion. Our own language. They thought of us as savages, but came to realize pretty quick that we were just ordinary people who went through a lot of shit.

The one thing they were interested in the most was Mother, who she was to us and if we consider her a deity. She left us six years ago in the meteor that turned out to be her spaceship, but we haven't forgotten what she had done for the town, the world. Since the Rebirth, the earth has been cleaner, no more wars, the President has begun to listen to his people more instead of the vultures in his ear. The government, however, doesn't seem to like the change and has been keeping their sights mainly on me. Recently, there's been talk about a meteor that hit not too far off the coast of Florida and they've tried keeping me house-bound...but, if there's any chance my sister might've hit earth, I'll go against my country and its people to find out. And if she fell from the sky, I want to know why.

The Saved have a head-quarters in Florida, in Miami. That's a second reason for me running away. I need to know all I can about what happened to my sister, more than what Mother was willing to tell me. And if anyone gets in our way...I have my own Blessing that Mother left behind before she left earth.