New story, wanted to see what everyone would think about this.

Neal opened his eyes, his ear-drums throbbing from the sound of the heavily beating music. The club was obnoxiously loud, but he was hungry, starving even.

Neal was a Lust demon, feeding on the darkest desires of humans. He was sitting at the bar, soaking up the cocktail of emotions from around him. It was fulfilling, just not satisfying. He craved more, a source that didn't require being surrounded by all these sweaty pulsing bodies that were grinding against each other just to fill empty holes in their un-satisfying lives.

"Need a refill?" the bartender asked. Neal spun around, glancing at the petite blonde. She was about 5'7", wearing a tight leather miniskirt and a fish net top over a black lace bra. If he was the regular human man that he looked like, Neal would probably be asking for her number, taking her to bed as soon as possible, but sadly for her, he wasn't.

"I'm afraid not, darlin'," he said with a sweet smile. "Gotta get to work in the mornin'." She pouted, "Aww, not even one more?" He shook his head, handing her the money to pay for his drinks, "Nope, maybe tomorrow." As he put the money in her hand, he pressed a gentle kiss to her cheek. The girl trembled visibly, her pupils full-blown with desire.

"G'night," he waved as he walked to the doors.

Just down the street from the club, Neal could smell the other demons. They weren't Lust like he was, they were Fears. Neal smiled and walked over slowly and nonchalantly. The demons were fighting with a young man.

The brunette was more than holding his own, pushing the demon back toward the wall. The demon growled, "Damn, hunter, you're pretty slick, huh?" The demon flipped their positions, pressing the boy's back into the wall. He quickly started unbuckling his jeans and the boy groaned, slamming a knee into the Demon's chest.

"Mechell," Neal called, catching the demon's attention. Mechell spun around, "Your majesty, I didn't realize that you were here. He isn't yours, is he?" Neal glanced at the hunter, seeing a look of defiance bordering on the edge of fury in the brunette's eyes.

"He is now," Neal grinned, letting his eyes flash with the demon royalty emerald green. The Fear release the boy quickly, zipping his own pants back just as fast.

"I'm sorry, your majesty. I had no idea you had a claim," Mechell said with a quick bow. Neal nodded, walking over to the boy, "It's fine. Make sure the others know of this now." Mechell bowed again before rushing off.

"What the fuck was that for?" the boy snapped. "I fucking had him." Neal shook his head, "No, you didn't. He coulda snapped you like a twig any second. Matter of fact, he was seconds away from ramming your pretty little ass through the wall."

The boy's eyes widened as he swallowed nervously, "Well, I_" Neal smiled, pulling the boy to his feet and pressing his back against the brick wall, "How old are you anyway? You can't be old enough to be a hunter." The boy frowned, "Twenty-three."

"No, you're not," Neal laughed. The brunette sighed and quietly mumbled, "Eighteen." Neal licked his lips, "Yummy. Hmm, does that mean that no one's popped your red little cherry yet?" The boy blushed wildly, "I don't see how that's any of your business."

"You are my business now, little one," Neal cooed. The boy quickly squirmed uncomfortably, trying to escape Neal's body, "I-I am not yours. I'm not going to belong to a fucking Demon." Neal reached down, pushing his hand inside of the boy's t-shirt, brushing a finger over one of his nipples. The boy groaned, trying to avoid admitting he was getting pleasure from the touches.

"Good boy, just moan for me," Neal said huskily, letting his power drip into his voice. The boy bit his lip, blood dripping down his chin from the harshness of his teeth. Neal snarled, digging his nails into the boy's side.

Neal let his teeth graze the boy's throat, whispering huskily, "Then you're all mine, little boy." He sunk his teeth in deep, drawing blood from the deep wound. The boy cried out, his body shaking in pained-pleasure.

Neal pulled away, seeing the bruised mark left on the boy's throat. To a human, it would look like nothing was there, but to a demon, it was a seal, a mark of ownership.

The boy pushed roughly, throwing Neal off of him. He rubbed his neck, "Fuck, that hurts like hell." Neal smiled, licking the blood from his lips, "What's your name?"

"Go to hell," the boy snarled. Neal laughed, letting the boy tremble with the taste of his power, "Wanna tell me now?"

"My name's Alexander, but everyone calls me Alex," the boy said slowly, looking like he'd rather saw off his own arm with a plastic knife than tell Neal anything else.

Neal stepped closer to Alex, kissing his forehead, "Good boy, stay that way. Now run along, I'll find you when the time's right."

Alex straightened up and spun around, running as fast as his long, lean legs would carry him.

"Mmmh, my beautiful boy," Neal hummed. "Looks like I'm going to need you again, very soon."

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