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Blood, human and demon alike coated the floors. It was an outright massacre. Neither side would give an inch in this beautifully destructive display. And to think all of this started over one simple human thing: Jealousy. So many would die for it today, never to see those things that they all craved from their Heaven, the sickly sweet scent of Hell fire.

When word reached that the Angelica king was fast approaching, Victoria smiled wickedly. Skyller's blood still stuck to her hands and clothes, leaving her white shirt a bloody red mess. A small pained groan escaped Alex's lips from where he was sitting against the wall. He hasn't even been dosed in hours, yet still he's weak. Perfect. Neal will never reach the full power of the Angelica without his consort at full strength. The second Alex dies, so will most of Neal's power.

"I'm afraid you won't survive after all, Alex," she cooed. She leaned down and inhaled the smell. Halfling blood was most delicious, feeding the demon's desires for power wonderfully, but she couldn't use him anymore. He was too tainted, but she still leaned down and pressed another soft kiss to his lips. He didn't pull away this time, probably too exhausted and weak to do anything about it.

"It's too bad you're bound to my brother or I would've kept you around. You are very pretty," she whispered. Alex pulled away weakly, his body showing visible exhaustion. Victoria smiled, "Do I look like a queen, Alex? I mean, I suppose I'm a bit bloody, but otherwise, do I?" He didn't answer, instead keeping his eyes on the floor. Victoria looked over her shoulder to see the human girl, Alex's sister, "What do you think, girl? Do I look like a queen?"

The girl cradled her injured hand to her chest before whispering, "I imagine so. I haven't seen many queens in my life." Victoria smiled, satisfied with the answer. The older man_ Richard_ said softly, "Of course she looks like a queen, even covered in blood. She is a battle worn queen who would do whatever she had to in order to hold command." Victoria smiled, stroking Alex's cheek as she spoke, "I appreciate such an answer from you, Richard. I suppose we're even now. We killed my mother. You slaughtered your daughter and now, I've killed my former queen. It's an invincible alliance." The girl visibly tensed before asking, "You really did kill Momma?" Richard nodded, "I wasn't going to allow my daughter to be living with a demon, raising her hell spawn of a son." The girl's lip trembled, but she stayed quiet. She didn't know, silly girl.

Victoria smiled, standing up to face them, but felt her body get thrown against the wall. The doors flew open and a low growl entered the room. Neal stood in the middle, the wind whipping around him like the teasing of black wings. His clothes were bloody and shredded from the fighting outside.

"Alex?" Neal whispered softly. The brunette whimpered softly, his eyelids fluttering just a small bit. Neal smiled softly before his face hardened again. Without even lifting his hand, Victoria went flying into the opposite wall. Pain shot up her spine as she fought to stand. It was hard to breathe, let alone fight back.

"You killed Skyller, ordered the death of Angelica, and tried to kill me consort," Neal said, his voice coldly calm. Victoria grinned, "Silly brother. I should be ruler, not you. You're too soft, too weak, just like they were." Neal laughed before shaking his head, "No, I'm not." His eyes flooded red as the room shook with an earthquake.

She looked around him to see Richard had slinked closer to Alex, a large syringe of vervenum in his hand. She nodded slightly, and he jabbed the needle into Alex's neck. The pain-filled scream that left Alex's lips would've been a delicious fear treat to swallow, but as soon as Alex opened his mouth, Neal had her pinned to the wall with a holy iron spear through her chest. He ran to Alex's side, dropping to his knees beside his fallen consort. Victoria coughed up blood, laughing, "He never stood a chance. He was receiving enough vervenum a day to drop fifty Angelica." Neal whipped his head around and snarled, "Make her suffer."

Suddenly Morgan was in front of her grinning toothily, "With pleasure, your majesty." I never got to rule, Victoria thought grimily, but now he won't have Alex beside him in it.

Neal pulled Alex to his chest, "Lex, come on. Open up. Show me those pretty eyes." I just lost Skyller, I can't lose you too. Alex's heart was barely fluttering, getting closer to a stop with every passing second. He pressed a kiss to Alex's lips, feeling the skin getting colder with every heartbeat. He kissed Alex one more time, pulling the brunette onto his lap and cradling him like one would a small child. He didn't cry this time, couldn't. Alex wouldn't want that. I love you, Alex.

"Your majesty, we should get home," Morgan said after some time. Neal shook his head, pulling Alex closer. Morgan pulled Neal to stand and pulled Alex from his arms. Neal bit back the urge to scream and yank the cold body back into his arms, but he reminded himself, Morgan is safe. He's a friend, and he'll keep Alex safe. Neal lifted his chin and ground his teeth as they walked through the carnage. The demons stopped in their tracks, watching their king walk through them. Some howled at his pain, others stayed quiet and mourned quietly, just like Neal was.

Sitting in a silent room with a dead body really leaves someone a lot of time to think. Neal had only left the room once to address the counsel, other than that he stayed with Alex. The boy's typically deep tanned skin was now sickly pale, but otherwise, he just looked like he was sleeping.

"Why, Lex?" Neal whispered. He brushed the brunette's hair out of his face and pulled his hand away quickly when he was burned. The dead are usually cold, he thought suddenly. Neal reached for Alex's hand, feeling a strong steady pulse suddenly thundering in his wrist.

Neal watched as the brunette was suddenly sitting up, gasping for breath. His eyes were a startling emerald green as he looked up, "Neal?" Neal pulled Alex into his arms, tears suddenly streaming down his cheeks. Alex cocked his head and asked, "Are you crying? Why?" Neal pulled Alex into a kiss, forcing as much emotion into the kiss as he could.

"Ut ego te amo dici posset," Neal whispered. Alex nodded, "I know." Neal smiled and pulled him closer. Alex smiled softly, pulling Neal into another kiss. Neal hummed happily, running his hands over every inch of skin he could reach, and Alex seemed more than happy to oblige, seeming to enjoy the attention. Neal pulled away, trying to catch his breath as his mind sorted it out. Alex had been more human than demon before the vervenum.

"Alex, are you alright?" Neal asked. Alex smiled softly, "Of course I am. I'm alive and well, plus I'm with you. Why wouldn't I be okay?" Neal smiled, "I'm glad. I missed you." Alex grinned deviously, "Prove it then." And Neal was more than happy to.


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