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My name is Anne. Anne Marie Jones. If you asked me, I would say I am the best girl in school. I have the looks and the grades. Men flock to me.

"I think, being the most popular girl in school is tiring..!" I once said to the school newspaper

I did not once think so.

I loved it. The center of attention, the center of everything. Some people's lives actually REVOLVE around me. And honestly, I think the whole world should too.

I had the best boyfriend ever. He will stick up for me, do anything for me. But the thing is, he thinks if he sticks with me, he gets the reputation. And the girls. But what he doesn't know, is that I'm using him in exactly the same way.

The most popular girl in school. The best life ever.

"We're... We're moving?!" Mom nodded her head in glee.

"Wah... We have a new mansion in California due to your father's job..."

"Then... Then what about school?! My.. My fans?! The reputation I've built?!" I, THE Anne Marie Jones, was actually worried over such a trivial thing.

"You're a pretty girl. You'll make friends in no time!"

"That better darn right be true." I said, sitting back in my couch while blowing my bubble gum. Okay, with MY looks, I'll get a NEW boyfriend in no time. I'll have the fans, I'll have the rep. No biggie, right?

Mum was asking the movers to move the couch next and the movers walked over. My left eyebrow shot up and I popped by bubble. I snorted at them and sashayed away. My sashay. That was the point I was proudest of. And boys LOVE it. Heh, I'm gonna be a winner in NO time!


This is the best house EVER! It's a REAL mansion! With three floors and everything! My friends are gonna be SOOOOO jealous! I immediately ran inside and dropped my cute little pink pouch on the table that was already moved in. I whipped up my phone and called my best friend, Jessie.

"So like, just, OH MY GAWD, this house is, WAY awesome. You should come see it sometime, Jess!"

"Anne, please move, you're blocking the nice worker man's way."

I looked at mom with a disgusted look on my face.

"Mom~, can't you see I'm on the phone~? Ugh!" I said, moving to the couch the men dropped.

"Thanks a lot honey." I said, winking to the two men. I'm not sure what face it was, but I'm sure somewhere in their maybe-non-existent-hearts, they, LOVED me!

"Okay honey, you can go to school now."

"Er, mom, I HAVE no school now, rememberrrr?"

"You have a new school now! Your father had enrolled you there!"

"Ugh, school... Just a minute mom! So like, OH MY GAWD! I have school again! I'm not sure to be happy or sad Jess. Yeah, you're right~! There will definitely be somebody who worships me! You DO understand me Jess!" I said, continuing our conversation with school-skipping-Jess.


I slammed down the phone at Mom's call. Don't parents ever know what their child wants nowadays?! I grabbed some stuff and stuffed it into my bag.

"Well then, toodles~!" I said, waving my fingers up and down at them. I ran all the way to the school with Mom's earlier instructions. I stopped as I reached. Woah is this school huge. I nervously stepped in. Then I caught sight of raven black hair. He was wearing a loose top and some jeans with his belt hanging loosely. And his face? G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.! I caught sight of another student who was wearing a hoodie and jeans.

Hey..! This school is FULL of beauties! BISHOUNEN FTW!(bishounen-pretty boy, I guess?)

The raven haired boy I saw noticed me and walked up to me. For the first time, I was feeling scared. He was several inches taller that me and he stared down at me. I caught a look of his necklace. A skull hanging on a shiny silver chain.

"Ugh, Adam, come look at this." He called to his friend. His friend who had red hair came over.

"Look at this ugly shit. Who is she man?" He gave me a look of disgust. The one I always used to give...

"Heck will I know. By the way, the bell just rang, we're gonna be late for assembly, Devon."

"Oh shut up. Hey you." He leaned down towards me and I leaned backwards in fear. His eyes were pure red. "What's your name and who the hell are you."

"I-I-I am Anne. Anne Marie Jones" I replied, stuttering through my words.

"... Hoh..." He smiled, revealing a full set of white teeth and... "Anne... I'll remember that." And with that he walked off.

Fangs?! Were those fangs?! What the heck?! I heard some of their talking while they were walking off.

"Devon, don't tell me you're eying that woman."

"What, you're not my mom. ... My mom's dead mom, why ya here, Mom?"

"Shut up Devon. This isn't time for jokes! She's a human, dang it!"

Hu-human?! Aren't we all human?! And I was too afraid to say anything! If all the men are hot here, how am I supposed to get one to worship me?!

I caught sight of some girls walking past the corner. What?! Their hair are either black or red and they all were beauties! I can't compare to that! And when they laughed at me, the new dipshit of this school, fangs. I saw fangs! And I swear I saw bats flying round the area. What the hell is going on?!

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