You have entered my nightmares...have a nice stay~

The Chase

"Hey get back here!" I yelled after the little girl. Seeing she was not going to stop skipping away from me any time soon I ran after her...and to this day I regret making that split second decision. If only I had paid attention to my surroundings as I took chase. Maybe none of this would have happened the way it did... The little girl with curly golden locks bounced with each skip as she giggled towards the cave I had been told countless time to never venture into.

Nothing about the cave looked "natural". From the rumors that floated around town, it was said the cave had once been a mine, carved by the ones who built the town. The miners had believed there was gold to be found in the area, yet all they came up with was limestone. It was good for building material, but it meant no one was going to get rich quick. The town grew slowly as the miners continued to dig deeper with the lust for gold ingrained in their being. No accidents occurred, a rarity which the miners bragged about during the hard labor of quarrying the limestone found in their mineshaft, until they happened across the natural cavern. Ever since they found THAT cavern, the miners would have the worse of nightmares. Cave ins and accidents began to take down the miners one by one...each disappearing as though they had never existed.

The little girl's giggles echoed in the abyss of the cave. A collection of pickaxes spread out on the limestone ground like clothes littering a lazy teen's room nearly tripped me as I continued my hunt. I did not have the faintest idea as to why I chased her in the first place. At first she appeared to be a sweet nine year old girl who reminded me of someone. Now, her violet nightgown was torn in places from what I assumed was due to her running through a forest of trees who's branches loved to snag your clothing if you came too close. Her voice had changed a little too. When i first heard her high pitched squealing it reminded me of how my little sister would scream while we played games she enjoyed. As she continued to giggle her head off, my stomach seemed to lurch as chills would be sent down my spine. I had come so far. My mind was desperate to see her face...if I did not get to, all this running about would have been for nothing.

It was then I realized she had led me to the cavern...

By this point I could hardly see anything in front of me. Not even my hand in front of my face. I was stuck in an abyss of shadows, caught without a flashlight...

Her voice continued to bounce around in the darkness; taunting me to find her. I found myself out of breath, my darn asthma catching up with me as my adrenaline began to fade. Tiny white dots danced in my vision as I gasped for air. My chest was pounding and the stabbing pain of asthma greeted me once again. The lack of oxygen getting to my brain was taking me down. I fell to my knees, unsure if I was dizzy due to not being able to see the world spin around me in the dark.

"A fool," the haunting whisper of the little girl caught my ear, "just like the rest of them...yet you are much weaker. Gasping for air like a fish out of water." Flames from candles and lanterns I did not know existed in this place lit by themselves, "And all I did was have you run around a little bit. No strangling required." My eyes widen in horror as the skulls decorating the walls of the cavern came into the light. Stalactites dangled from the ceiling, dripping water onto its floor relatives the stalagmites with tiny splashes from the droplets. "Ah you like my collection?" she stepped out from behind a pillar of limestone, "You would be surprised how few faces I had to use and the mother lode of years it took to get acquire this many."

My hands reached for the ground as I did my best to keep from fainting. The previous dizzy episode came back ten times as worse with the cavern now in light. "What is the trouble?" she moved her faded blonde locks from her face, "I thought you wished to see my face." She began to laugh as I stared into the darkness of her empty eye sockets.

More to come~ MWHAHAHAHA!

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