Chapter One

Just when I thought I had reached the rock bottom of my life, God sent me an angel. She may not have been an angel with wings, but you might as well throw a halo on her head, for then you would have yourself an angel. I believe it says somewhere in the Bible that angels were frightening. Frightening, yes, but they also brought great comfort and joy; good news. This is only more proof.

To this day, words still fail to fully describe her, but I have had so much time to try and riddle them out. She had eyes like windows to a slum of a city. If you truly looked through them, you would see horrible, frightening things. But no matter how dark these things were, you could always see the sunlight; the hope. She had a soul unlike any other I've seen. It was most fragile with deep wounds that had had no time to heal. Her lips we like Egyptian cotton, for not only were they irresistible once obtained, but exceedingly rare to find. She had hands like the wind, always lingering around me. Yet, when I yearned for them most, they would just slip from between my fingers. She had a memory compared to that of an elephant's. She always remembered… even when she should have forgotten. She also had faith. Sometimes, I could hear her praying when she thought she was alone, speaking with Him. No matter what, her faith was there, never faltering.

Her very name made the angels sing in heaven. She brought a pitter-patter to my life, with a meaning to it that I never had before. She was my sunshine in the longest night. Her name made me think of a beautiful light. The light, her light, seemed to flow out of her in such a way that she couldn't give enough. She may not have ever known this then, but she gave to me more than I ever thought I deserved. Her light would pierce any dark, forsaken soul. After all, she filled mine with her light. That alone is the reason why I would sacrifice everything.