15. In Which Max Finds Himself in the Doghouse

THE vampire crouched on the ground and peered through the gate into the human sized doghouse. Max lay asleep on his mattress, and he was slowly regaining consciousness. When he opened his eyes he blinked, confused and disoriented.

"Good morning!" Elliot smiled cheerfully.

"What the…" Max looked all around him. "Where am I?"

"In a doghouse," Elliot said, his smile unwavering. "I built it especially for you."

Realization dawned on the werewolf, and he sat up, almost bumping his head on the ceiling. "Ha, ha," he grumbled, "very funny."

"Yeah, almost as funny as that time you slipped me garlic."

Max groaned. "Oh, come on man. I didn't know your throat was going to close up." He scooted closer to the entrance. "Don't you think this prank war is getting old?"

"Absolutely not!" Elliot laughed. "I haven't even started yet." When he stood up, Max realized that the vampire had no intention of releasing him anytime soon. He slipped his fingers through the bars on the gate and tried to jimmy the latch. However, when he touched the metal, it burned his fingers. He yelped and pulled them inside once more. "Oh right," Elliot stopped at the back porch and faced the werewolf, snapping his fingers as though he just recalled something that he forgot to mention earlier. "The latch is made of silver, so good luck with that."

"Elliot!" Max bellowed, and banged his fist against the gate. "When I get my hands on you—!" But the rest of his threat was cut off as the vampire closed the sliding glass door behind him.

Inside the house, Rhen was getting ready for work. "I can't believe you actually built a doghouse," she muttered to herself as she went through her purse. She retrieved her bus pass, and then slung her purse over her shoulder. "Remember to be a little compassionate, please."

Elliot rolled his eyes. "I was in the ER for two hours. It won't kill him if I let him stew for a while."

Later that day…

RUDY walked around the back of the house, carrying a bag of groceries and whistling the theme song from The Big Bang Theory. He stopped abruptly at the sight of Max sitting inside of what appeared to a very large doghouse. The werewolf had fallen asleep, leaning his head against the gated entrance.

"I don't want to know," the supervisor decided and continued on into the house.