Niles sighed as his hand touched the door handle. Then he opened it, promptly entering the ... factory was it? He was talking even before he was through the door.
"Honestly, I'm disappointed in you. One day? You couldn't let me have one day?" His tone was resigned. He knew full well that no amount of complaining would get him out of here. Not till ... whatever was about to happen. And he had such a nice evening planned too. Shame, the universe had decided against it. Or maybe that was his scowling friend?
"Where were you?" He was clearly not amused. That amused Niles . It always amused him when others weren't. It was very ... amusing.
"Would you like an oral report, or should I write you a poem?"

Nope, not amused. This evening might not be a complete waste after all.

"Hilarious. Now sit down, I need to talk to you. There's a good boy. Here, have a treat." He dug into his pocket and threw a small pack of candy at the younger man. A pack that the latter gleefully devoured.
"You have no self respect, do you?"
Niles grinned at him between mouthfuls. He was reminded of his childhood, sitting on that barrel now, feet barely touching the ground, being lectured by the same old mountain of scowl.
"Self respect? Puhleeze. Just pride with a different name. Vanity minus the fun. I fail to see how it can compare to a perfectly good bag of sweets." He shoved a few more into his mouth. "So, why am I here this wonderful evening. I had quite an agenda you know. So there was my first date at 7 P.M, Jean was it? No, Jane. And then there was Catherine at 9:45, Beatrice at..."
The older man grunted. In truth he approved of his young, (now former) students answer. Not that he'd ever let him know that.
"Yes, yes, spare me the pseudo-philosophical rant. And you already know my opinion on your dysfunctional love life. I need to talk to you about something else.
"The suspense is killing me." Niles replied, yawning slightly. He did know. In fact, he knew the older man's opinion on just about everything. God knows he'd heard it enough.
"I'm leaving."
Niles froze mid-yawn, his brain desperately trying to come up with … with... with what? How was he supposed to respond to news like that? The end result was something between a grunt and a question. The old man almost grinned. It was good to keep the youngsters on their toes.

"I'd say that I expected a more intelligent answer, but I that would require the foresight , so let me clarify for the especially gifted; I am leaving. Going away. Leaving the city in your thoroughly incapable hands."

"You say that like it's mine."
That earned another scowl. Was his student really that much of a buffoon?
"Of course it's yours, you nitwit! With me gone, you can do whatever you want, no? Just try not to destroy it."

Whatever he wanted, huh. That... that sounded promising. A slow smile appeared on the young mans face. A happy, wicked smile that promised a lot of fun was going to be had. Possibly, no, preferably at others YES, this was going to be fun. A LOT of fun!

Authors Note: Good afternoon fellow humans and humanoids. I finally got around to publishing a story on FictionPress, and, well, here it is. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it and blah blah blah, something about characters and fulfillment and, well you know the drill. I just want to take a moment to say that I am probably going to continue this story whether you like it or not, but some feedback would still be nice. Reviews are especially appreciated (even more than follows).

P.S. This is only the prologue. The actual chapters will be much longer and have ... you know... more "stuff" happen.