This is a tale some would label as pathetic. Some would label it as inspiring. If you are sick-minded, you will find this funny. But I label this:


A young girl sat at the entrance of the schoolhouse.

She was beautiful. She was innocent. She was tame.


They passed her without concern. Even when the property was a desolation touched by moonlight, she remained pleased by her only company.


She hated judgement. She hated being looked at. But it always happened. Why?

Hell. Why did she always ask herself that? She didn't know anything.

At least the harsh criticism she laid upon herself was controlled. Somehow, the contempt for herself gave her balance.

Balance not completely stabilizing. But it kept her from plunging off the edge.

She had a room. She had a bed. But she never slept there.

What was encompassed inside those four walls was worse than the bitter cold.

No one cared.

So one day she decided outside was nice. People did it centuries ago, didn't they?

Positives. Think positives.



Birds are nice.

So she lay under the stars and dreamed of birds.

But she also dreamed of other things, less pleasant things.

Things she vowed to become more than just dreams.

Bloody dreams.

One morning came as normal, but she had new company.

This company sat before her, a sly grin on his face.

A man.

A man named Gilbeto. She called him Gil.

Gil was nice. He talked to her on those lonely nights.

He gave her food. He bought her clothes.

He called her pretty. She blushed.

Pretty was a lot better than bitch.

The days continued. School ended. Her life, it seemed, would not be so dull after all.

The girl ran away from home.

No one cared.

She lived with Gil.

The only person that did.

Gil was nice.

He still talked on those lonely nights, but talking became touching.

And because she loved Gil, the only one that cared...

She couldn't say no.

She thought it was affection.

But that ginger caress turned to hungry lust.

And that lust bittered Girl.

Girl and Gilberto began to argue.

Every night, those four walls suffocated her fears...

Those horrid nights of violation.

Girl no longer had her beauty.

She was skinny and maimed.

No longer a beautiful virgin.

A skank is what he called her.

Girl no longer had innocence.

Only hatred.

And now that Girl was older...

She could satisfy her vindictive visions.

She didn't dream of birds, anymore.

Birds were overrated, anyway.

No, her evenings cycled with the same bloody dreams.

And now, more than ever, they would be reality.


The tool for survival.


One of the seven deadly sins of man.

A deadly sin Gil couldn't resist.

Even as she seductively licked the blade in her right hand...

He took the bait. Foolish man.

The plan came into action perfectly.


He had betrayed Girl. He had cultivated this insanity.


All those nights she spent locked in the bedroom, hollering for mercy.

Rape, Hurt, Desperation, Pain...




...And now Girl's dreams come true.