It was a cold December night when i came upon the frozen scene. The sound of cars in the distance hit hard in the silence, the bright red stains in the pure white made my interest. I started following the red dots, the images start to flood my head of cold case murders and crime scene shoot outs. The dots start turn into a red string, I switch to a light sprint in a hurry to see where the string ends, the cold gusts started to bring me the strong smell of iron. Cold flacks stick to my skin as i run, the further i get the bigger the mess, big blotches started to form as I ran I could only guess what my face looked like at this time. I turned down the next ally slightly bumping the side as i turned revealing the heart stopping scene. There he lay a man around 18 black hair. His breathing was heavy and long the wound in his side was bleeding less than i had expected i thought he would be dead. i walk over to the man to get a closer look at his wound he seems to be unconscious from what i can tell, the wound isn't that deep he probably just nicked a vein and it bleed from running. His left hand was covered in blood (he was most likely trying to stop the bleeding) , A faint pattern seen through the blood catches my eye, i grab his hand and start wiping of the blood to see Small tangles of lines appear the design is beautiful; the lines don't stop at his hand they continue up his sleeve. as i move to pull up his sleeve he twitches and opens his eyes giving me a shocked look, his eyes are a deep green i smile and he faints again it seems he's lost to much blood to stay awake, i realize he needs a hospital so i dig around in pocket and pull out my phone and dial 911 telling them the address and hanging up ,i stand up and walk away back to the light of the city i look back and think of how he looked around my age and was already near death. What a short life he would have lived if he dies to night.