i wish i was one of those girls that could just BE,
just be pretty, just be funny,
just be cute,
just BE(autiful)
i wish i was one of those people that could just be loved,
lusted after,
i wish i was one of those beings that could just give you a glance,
for one second,
and have you mezmerized,
have you not able to look away,
have you having to stare just a bit to catch every motion,
every smile line, every beauty mark,
every wrinkle in the depths of my lips.
have you wishing that those lips would utter your name,
call to you and have you whip around without a second thought just to see what i was thinking.
have you wishing that i was (maybe) thinking about you.
have you aching for a word from me,
a smile from me,
a (second) glance from me,
an invitation "let's sit down and talk for a while, i want to know more about you".
i wish i was one of those people that made you want to get to know me,
want to know what I'M thinking about,
want to know if my thoughts criss-crossed with yours.
i want to be one of those people that infatuates you,
makes you crave me,
makes you beg for a chance to be on my list of things "to do".
i wish i was one of those girls that made you say WOW,
look at her,
isn't she?
i wish i was out of this world,
i wish you longed for me to break into yours and stay there.
i wish you wanted me like you want all those other girls.
i wish i was the girl that you want,
live for,
breathe for,
die for.
i want to be THAT girl.