It's history class, sophomore year, 3rd period. 5th row from the door, 4th seat back. Today's lesson? Iran, and by consequence, Ronald Reagan. We're hearing about the American hostages, fifty-two of them held captive for 444 days when some young Iranians took hostage of the American Embassy. We're learning about the underhanded deal Reagan made with the Iranians to have them released, on the day of Reagan's inauguration. The teacher points out that although this method worked, it was done under the table, hidden from the masses.

"Who cares?" A kid in the front row says. He's always very vocal about his beliefs. "It saved fifty-two American lives."

American lives. Not just lives, American lives. Is an American life worth more than any other life? Are things deemed acceptable, just because of an American life?

Americans aren't superior. A life remains a life, no matter the ethnicity, nation, age, religion, beliefs, gender...

Being American does not give people a pass on the rules, does not create an alternate set of guidelines.

Who is someone to judge a person's life? What gives someone the right to judge a person, to decide that they are worth more than someone else?

No one should have that right to determine a person's worth, a life is a life, and that's all it holds. One spirit, one soul, one brain, one heart. One life.

It seems that all that history class has taught me is about the multitude of wars, and violence's omnipresence.

History class just has taught me about how so many people believe they are superior, because of petty things such skin color or nationality, the country they live in. And history just keeps repeating itself, such as the kid in the front row who believes it's alright, because American lives were saved. No matter the things America has done to other lives, such as the atomic bombs, or invading Iraq. Let's all just focus on the American lives saved, not the lives America has taken.

How could anyone take a life? How?

A life is a life. How can anyone see it differently?

AN: So I'll admit that I'm a pacifist, and have honestly never been able to understand why anyone would use violence. If anyone wants to explain out to me, go ahead and try. Here's some food for thought, how is a person judged? Is a Muslim or Communist who are perfectly upstanding citizens going to be judged the same way a white Roman Catholic is? Put these three people in America, even if they are all Amerihen citizens, who will be regarded as the nicer person? Place these same people in another country, such as China. Who is the better person now? But why are people judged like this? Why doesn't everyone just accept that a person is a person? Thanks for reading, I hope I made you think a bit.