I guess i should know by now

That when it comes to revenge

You take no mercy

You're like a boomerang

That just keeps coming back

And the sad thing is

Each and every time you do,

Im not even expecting it!

I wake up thinking how

Beautiful my life is

And go to sleep

Wishing i thought nothing at all

And its because of you


Until now ive remained silent

But im speaking out because

i don't want you anymore!

Sure, this whole predicament

may have been my idea

In the first place, and maybe

You even brought me a little pleasure

But You're relentless!

Im Tired of being enslaved to your


Of coming back for more

And receiving nothing

But mockery in return

So with that being said

I want you to know

That i have a life

And its becoming too important

To let you tag along

And drag me down

With your sinking ship

I know that if I'm going to survive

I cant slowly let go of you

Or wean off

Little by little

No, I have to quit and cut you off

Right away, right now

So Good bye

Good riddance!

I'm doing whats best for me now

So have your turn with someone else

...just leave me to myself