Chapter One:

You opened your eyes to see Niall standing next to your bed, "Good morning Samantha." He said with a little grin. "Niall, what are you doing here?" you asked. "Well I just thought I would come say good morning to you, is that okay?" He said in a very sarcastic voice. "It wonderful." you said jumping up and giving him a kiss. Niall left as you got dressed. "Come down here!" he yelled from down stairs. You quickly threw in some jeans, his sweatshirt, and his snapback. When you got down stairs you saw that he was eating, "Come eat something babe." He said. You sat down and he handed you a plate filled with your favorite breakfast, Pancakes, Bacon, and Eggs. As soon as you were done he said lets go. You asked him where but he wouldn't tell you. You threw on some shoes and you walked out the door hand and hand.

Chapter Two:

You and Niall just kept walking, he seemed to know where he was going but you sure didn't. "We are almost there" he said. It was wet outside because it had rained the night before. You both loved the way it smelled outside. You were getting closer to a lake. "We are here" he said. On the ground was basket and a blanket. "That is for later" He said. "Well then what are we going to do now?" you asked him. He just pointed across the lake. There was ferris wheel and what seemed to be a fair or carnival. He said "Lets go" he started walking towards the lake, you were puzzled. "How are we getting there?" you asked. "In a boat!" He said, very excitedly. You both ran to the edge of the lake and in the water was a boat, and a man standing in it. It was a gondola, like the ones in Italy that bring people through the canals. You both stepped in and once you were seated the man started rowing, and the boat started moving. You rested your head on Niall's shoulder. "Samantha" he said as you looked up, "I love you" "I love you too" you said then slowly he moved in to kiss you.

Chapter Three(part 1)

The boat slowly came to a stop, you an Niall got out and standing on the edge of the lake was Becca. Becca had been Niall's best friend for years. You knew she wasn't going to steal him from you but you still worried. She was gorgeous. She was tall blonde and skinny, while you were average. Niall always told you that you were beautiful, and perfect but you had problems sometimes believing him. You always wondered why he chose you when he could have had any girl he wanted, considering he is part of One Direction.

Niall hugged her and it seemed like forever before let go of each other. She gave you a little hug "It's so nice to see you!" she said "Yeah nice to see you too" you answered back. "Shall we go?" Niall said, as you all started walking toward the rides. First you went and got cotton candy. Niall was being silly and almost fell on the ground trying to get some in Becca's hair. "Niall I can't believe you did that!" She said when he finally did get it in her hair. You and Niall were laughing so hard, You almost fell but Niall was there to catch you.

Chapter Three(part 2) *becca's POV*

You were standing on the edge of the lake just like Niall had told you. You were hoping Samantha wasn't with him because, you loved him. As more than just his friend. He has friend-zoned you years ago and you just let it happen. Now Niall had told you to meet him at the lake and didn't tell you why. "Maybe this is my chance" you thought to yourself, as you saw the gondola get closer. The closer it got the less hopeful you were because you saw Samantha.

When Niall and Samantha jumped out you hugged Niall really tight not wanting to let go. "It's so nice to see you!" you told Samantha even though you were dying inside. "Yeah nice to see you too" she replied very unenthusiastically. You could tell she didn't like you very much. "Shall we go?" Niall said, and the three of you walked towards the rides. You got cotton candy first and Niall tried getting it in your hair but fell the first time. He finally did and you yelled "Niall I can't believe you did that!" Him and Samantha were both laughing so hard, she almost fell. He caught her and you knew that you wouldn't have a chance just by the way he looked into her eyes.

Chapter Four: ( becca's pov)

You went to the nearest vendor and asked if they had a towel. When you finally found one, you dumped water on it from your water bottle and got the cotton candy out of your hair. "Why don't we go on the Apollo?" Samantha just looked at Niall. "She's afraid of heights." he said. "Samantha would you mind if me and Niall went on it?" "No I don't mind, go ahead, have fun, but can we go on the Ferris Wheel next?" she answered back. "Of course we can love" he said. He gave her a kiss and then he said "Well lets go!" You and Niall walked to the line and waited. "Becca, are you okay?" he asked you. "Yes why wouldn't i be?" you said but quickly regretting it. "You just seem a little upset, thats all." he explained. "I'm okay, promise." you knew that was lie. You wished so badly it was you he called love. "Next!" The lady manning the gate said. "You and Niall got on the ride. You both looked over at Samantha, she was sitting on a bench, looking at the ground. She looked worried. "I hope shes okay" Niall said, sounding worried himself. "I bet she's fine, we'll be off in just a few minutes" and with that the ride starting moving.

Chapter Five(part one) (Becca's pov)

You and Niall were on the ride, it was going upside down and really fast. You got scared and he could tell, he took your hand and said "Becca, it's going to be okay, it's almost over." When it was finally over you were shaking. Niall helped you up, "Thanks" you said "Its nothing" he said quickly. As you walked down the small ramp to the ground you saw Zayn and his girlfriend Sophie as well as Harry with his girlfriend Alex, with Samantha. You and Niall walked over to them and he stood by Samantha and held her hand. You couldn't help but wish it was you. It was time for the ferris wheel since you weren't here with anyone but Niall you decided to call your friend Lydia. She was obsessed with One Direction. She brought three other fans with her, Shana, Ellie, Grace and Daria. They went crazy on the phone, Ellie and Grace almost fainted when they got to the fair. You all paired off and went on the ferris wheel. Niall and Samantha we right below you so you could see them sometimes, every time you saw them her head was his shoulder and he was kissing her head or he was kissing her lips, you wanted to turn away but for some reason you couldn't. Daria was in the same basket thing as you and she had a hotdog in her hand. You grabbed it and threw it at them Niall and Samantha.

Chapter Five(part two): (This is Samantha's POV from chapters 4 & 5)

We walked around for a while so Becca could find a towel. When she found one she soaked it in water and got the cotton candy out. " Can we go on the Apollo?" Becca asked. I just looked at Niall with fear in my eyes. "She's afraid of heights he told her". "Samantha would you mind if me and Niall went on it?" she asked me. "No I don't mind, go ahead, have fun, but can we go on the ferris wheel next?" i said. "Of course we can love" Niall said. He kissed me and they left. I found a bend and sat down, I was worried. I didn't want her to try anything. I knew it was silly but I didn't care. I saw them in line talking, "I wonder what they are talking about" you though to yourself.

After a minute or two I saw the ride go upside down and i felt sick even though I wasn't on it. Soon after Zayn and girlfriend Sophie along with Harry and girlfriend Alex came up to me, and asked where Niall was. I just pointed and said "Hes up there with Becca." You all started talking and joking around. A couple minutes later Niall and Becca came back. It was time for the ferris wheel Becca went off and called some of her crazy fan girl friends, Lydia, Shana, Ellie, Grace and Daria. Two of them almost fainted when they got there. They paired off with each other and got on the Ferris wheel. Becca and Daria were right above us, we couldn't see them at all but when we were almost at the top me and Niall both something hit us. I turned around a saw Becca covering her mouth like she was shocked. I glared at her, Niall asked me what it was. "Nothing, I'll handle it." I said still glaring back at Becca.

Chapter Six: (third person)

Becca and Daria were at the top of the ferris wheel with Niall and Samantha right below them. Becca knew that Samantha was furious with her. The whole way back down Daria was freaking out "Why did you do that?!" She asked. " I-I-I don't know.." Becca said. "Well you better have an explanation did you see Samantha's face!" Daria practically screamed out the words, Becca hoped neither Niall nor Samantha heard her. When Becca got to the bottom Niall and Samantha were already standing there. "What did you do?" Samantha said, you had never seen her so mad. "I-I-I really don't know." Becca said almost quivering. "Well what did you throw!?" she yelled. Niall tried to calm her down but it didn't work. "It was Daria's hotdog." Becca replied. "Why did you do that?" Niall said, he sounded upset. "I don't know... I'm so sorry." Becca's eyes got watery. Samantha and Niall just walked away... Daria, Lydia, Shana, Ellie and Grace did their best to comfort Becca but she couldn't help it. She just bawled. Zayn and Sophie were just standing there, along with Harry and Alex. A few minutes later Becca stopped crying, and just in time. Justin, Liam and Louis had shown up and that brought their girlfriends, Ashleigh, Abby, and Brianna. Justin and Ashleigh wanted to go on the ferris wheel but after Lydia told them what happened they changed their minds. Liam and Abby suggested getting funnel cakes, they went and got some. Becca was feeling better. Louis asked Shana what had happened, since Brianna and him had no idea. Shana asked them to follow her and she told them everything. When Shana, Louis, and Brianna came back to the group.. Niall was back, alone.

Chapter Seven(part one): (Becca's pov)

"Were is Samantha" I asked. "She wanted to go home so I walked her back to the lake, she told me just to come back here so I did." Niall replied, he seemed a little down. "Why did you come back?" Shana snapped. " Well I heard Justin, Louis and Liam and come so I decided to come say hey and I wanted to be sure Becca was okay." He explained. He walked over to me, "Are you okay?" "yes i'm okay." I said as he sat down next to me, he gave me a hug and kissed my forehead, I was happier knowing he wasn't mad at me. Somehow I felt like he understood. "Well you two need to talk" Zayn suggested. "Good idea" Liam chimed in. Everybody left and it was just me and Niall. "Are you sure you're okay?" Niall asked, he sounded worried. "I'm alright" I said. I wanted to tell him "No I'm not okay, I love you and I was jealous." but i just couldn't. Niall let me put my head on his shoulder, he hugged me again. "Why did you do that?" Niall quietly said. "I don't know" I said worried about his reaction. He said "It's okay, I'm not mad, it's Samantha who is though." That was not what I wanted to hear. "Maybe you should call her and see if she's okay." I suggested. "Good idea he didn't move, he called her. "She's okay, she wants me to come over later." he told me, he didn't sound happy about it though. "We should go find the others" I said. "Yes we should, but later I have to talk to you about something, it's important." he said. "Can we talk now?" you asked very curiously. "No I need to talk to Samantha first." he replied. With that we both went toward the bumper cars, I couldn't stop thinking about what he needed to talk to me about.

Chapter Seven(part two): (Samantha's pov)

I hoped in the gondola and had the man row me back to the other side of the lake. I was upset with Niall for going back with Becca and everybody, I needed him with me. To comfort me. "Miss are you alright?" The man asked. I was shocked, "Yes I'm okay, thank you for asking." I replied. "Miss, may I ask your name?" he said. "Samantha and yours?" "Damien, well here we are" he said as he brought the gondola to a stop. I hopped out, said thank you and when on my way. I walked all the way home it started to drizzle but it was barely noticeable. When I got home Miranda, my best friend, was there. "Were have you been all day?" she asked me. "I was at the fair with Niall" I explained. "Oh okay, did he drop you off?" she asked. "No" I snapped. "Well what happened?" she even sounded worried. "Well Becca threw something at me so I left and he wanted to go back and see if she was okay, plus the rest of the boys and Justin were there." " Well that's reasonable, I guess." she told me. "Yeah i guess" I said in a hushed tone. Just then my phone rang, it was Niall, "You alright" he asked "Yes Im fine." I guess I sounded mad because he said "Geez just checking up on you" "Come over later we need to talk" I said. "Okay I will be there in a couple hours, love you" "Love you too bye" I hung up. "What do you need to talk about?" Miranda asked. "I think I might have to call it quits.. he seems to care more about Becca then me." I said, a little unsure of myself. "Do what you have to do" Miranda said, I could tell she agreed with me..

Chapter Eight: (third person)

Niall and Becca went on a few more rides, they were having so much fun until Niall's phone rang, "Are you coming over or not?" Samantha snapped as soon as he answered. "Yeah, I'll be right over." Niall said then hung up. "I have to go see Samantha, I'll call you later so we can talk okay?" He said "Yeah sure" Becca replied. Niall started towards the lake. He waved at the gondola man, who then rowed toward him.

Becca was sitting with Shana and Ellie. Daria, Lydia and Grace had already gone home. "What do you think he wants to talk about" Becca asked her friends. "I have no idea" Shana said, "Maybe he just wants to talk more about what happened" Ellie chimed in. "I wish I knew, This is so NOT a fairytale huh?" Becca said. In the gondola Darien asked "Sir, why did you let your girlfriend walk home alone?" "I had to, I have many friends back at the fair." Niall said. "Oh okay she seemed pretty upset." He was clearly digging for details. "I called her, I think she's okay now, I'm going to see her." "Oh okay, good luck." The boat stopped and Niall hopped out. I was raining a little bit on that side of town. Niall walked up the stairs to Samantha's apartment. "We need to talk" they both said at the same time." "Niall, I don't think this is working any more." Samantha said. "I was thinking the same thing." Niall said. "So it's over" Samantha asked. "I guess so, I'll see you around." Niall said as he hugged her. "Goodbye" Samantha said "Goodbye" Niall said as he closed the door behind him. He pulled out his phone as he raced back to the lake "Becca, meet me at the lake." "Okay Niall, see you there" She said.

Chapter Nine: (Niall's pov)

I closed Samantha's door and immediately started running to the lake. I stopped long enough to call Becca and tell her to meet me there. When I got there I asked the man to bring me back to the other side of the lake. "How is your girlfriend?" Damien asked me. "I don't have one anymore." I told him. He never responded. When I got to the other side Becca wasn't there yet. I waited for her, after about five minutes she appeared. "Why are we meeting here?" she asked me. "Just get in" I told her pointing to gondola. "well okay" I said while i hopped in. Once we go to the other side I spread the blanket out on the ground "Sit with me" I said. "how was Samantha?" She asked me. "Shes alright.. we broke up" "Wow, who did it?" she asked "it was mutual" I said then it got silent. I sat up against a tree and Becca moved to sit with me. She put her head on my shoulder and I put my arm around her. We just looked at the stars for a while. "You hungry?" I asked her. "Not really are you?" She asked, I just looked at her. I grabbed the basket and at a sandwich I had brought. We just looked at the stars some more "There beautiful" Becca said. " They are, I don't see them like this back in Ireland that often" I told her "Well why not?" she asked. "Well I just dont get time that's all." Becca looked up at me, "I love you" I said she looked a little shocked but then said "I love you too" but just after she had said it, her phone rang.. it was Braden, her ex-boyfriend.

Chapter Ten: (third person)

Becca just stared at her phone. Braden had broken up with her and she still didn't know why, but she had moved on. It had been about a 6 months since he broke her heart and Niall was there every step of the way to comfort her, that's when she fell for him. "Becca, don't answer it." Niall said. "But what if he wants to explain why he broke up with me?" Becca argued. "You love me now, he left you broken hearted, please don't answer and get hurt again." Niall said, he was genuinely worried and hearing Niall say she loved him was comforting. "You answer then, please?" Becca said in a whiny voice. "Fine I'll answer it." Niall said reluctantly. "Hello" "Yes, is Becca there?" Braden said. "Depends why are calling?" Niall said, he was talking in an american accent so Braden wouldn't know it was him. "I'm calling because I made a mistake and I want Becca back." Niall was speechless. He finally found words and said "I'm sorry, she loves me now, and I love her." "Oh.. who is this?" Braden sounded mad. "This is Niall." Braden was shocked. "Niall Horan from One Direction?" "Uhm Yes, I love her, no please leave her alone." Braden was a fan of One Direction, he was a boy-directioner. "Oh My Carrots, I love One Direction, your amazing." "Uhm thanks?" Niall said a little surprised. "Well if you love Becca I probably should leave her alone since there is no way I can compete with you." "I'm not to sure about that but I do think you should leave her alone. Goodbye now." "Goodbye" Niall said totally puzzled. "What did he want?" Becca asked. "Well at first he wanted you back but then I told him who I was and he said he loved the band and that I was amazing, then he said he'd leave you alone and that was all." "Ohh" Becca said. The two of them sat on the ground and gazed at stars Becca started pointing out constellations she knew of and she saw a group of stars that looked like a heart, Niall noticed it, "I Love You" he said while looking straight in Becca's eyes, "I love you too" Becca said looking into eyes, Niall started leaning in and slowly there lips met and they kissed. Their first kiss, under the stars and it started to rain. Niall stood up and took her hand, Niall chased her around a little bit and finally caught her, he grabbed her by\ the waist, turned her around and kissed her right there in the pouring rain. He lifted her up and kissed her again. Just as he put her down they both saw someone walking towards them...

Chapter Eleven: (third person)

Becca and Niall were shocked to see Louis. "What are you doing here Louis?" Niall asked, "Well I heard about you and Samantha so I asked here where you went and she didn't know so I called Shana and she told me you that Becca was meeting you here so here I am!" "Well what do you want you carrot loving freak" Niall said jokingly. "Well, I just wanted to find out why you and Samantha broke up but I guess I figured it out." Louis' replied laughing. "It was mutual but I'm happy, I love Becca and ya know what I always have." Niall said. "Niall, I've always loved you too." Becca said as she planted a kiss right on his cheek. "aw you two are adorable" Louis' said. "Well I better get back to the rest of the lads, were having a party at Justin's tonight, you two can come if you'd like." Niall nodded and said "Yeah we'll be there later" "You two are crazy standing in this rain. Come with me to Justin's." Louis insisted "Not now we will be along soon though. Louis left and Niall decided he wanted to do something fun.

Chapter Twelve: (third person)

Niall wanted to go swimming. In the pouring rain, at 11pm. He ripped his shirt and shoes off and jumped into the lake. He popped up out of the water and yelled "Becca jump in!" Becca took her jacket and shoes off and jumped in. It was really cold, and Niall knew Becca was cold so he did his best to run over to her in the water he grabbed her by the waist and spun her around. For a second they just looked at each other. Niall gave Becca a quick kiss and said "Race ya!" as he started running towards the blanket. Niall got there first so he grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around himself and then around Becca as soon as she got to him. "Lets go back to my place and dry off before we head to Justin's okay?" Becca said. "Yeah good idea" They walked back to Becca's house which was two blocks closer than Samantha's. When they walked in Becca immediately ran upstairs and changed in to some clean jeans and tee-shirt. She ran to her closet and grabbed a pair of sweats and shirt, her dad had left there the last time he visited. Niall threw them on and they left for Justin's party.

Chapter Thirteen: (third person)

It was raining and they didn't have a car, and it was too late for any cabs to be around. So they walked together the 3 blocks to Justin's house. "Hey guys what took you so long?" Justin shouted when they arrived. "We got a little wet." Niall replied. "Well your here now, lets party!" Liam said as he turned the radio and on and did the flick. Its was just Justin, Liam, Louis, Zayn, Harry, Niall and all there girlfriends, so Niall thought. Once a slow song started playing Samantha and Braden walked into the room. "What is Braden doing here?" Becca asked, "Well we thought you two should talk." Liam said. Becca walked over to Braden, "What do you want to talk about?" She asked him "Us, babe I miss you." "But I'm with Niall now, and I love him." Samantha heard and her face turned from nervous to sad, and angry. "Niall we never should have broken up!" Samantha shouted "I still love you." she said in a whisper. Niall looked at Becca then back at Samantha. "Becca can we talk please." Niall took her hand and they walked outside. "I think I made a mistake, I should be with Samantha." He told her. "It's okay, I understand." Niall kissed Becca on the cheek and they went back inside. Niall walked over to Samantha and just hugged her. "I love you" Niall whispered into Samantha's ear, "I love you too" Samantha whispered back. "I love you Becca!" someone shouted, Becca turned around to see who it was. She thought it was Braden, but she was wrong..

Chapter Fourteen:

Becca turned around. It was Louis! Brianna and Becca just looked at Louis. Brianna started to cry, and Ashleigh went over an hugged her and tried to comfort her. "What did you just say?" Becca asked looking at him, "I said I love you." Louis said regretting it. "Why?" Becca said, even though she knew that was stupid of her to ask. "Well its just your so pretty and your personality and everything, I don't know its just you. I've wanted to be with you for a long time thats why I came looking for you and Niall, to see if you were together." "Becca was shocked. Then Braden shouted "Brianna, I love you. I always have." Brianna looked at him. She just looked at him, finally she walked over to him and just stared at him and then out of the blue she kissed him. Louis walked over to Becca and planted one on her. Becca didn't pull away, she kind of liked it. "Louis" she said "I love you too." and with that Becca kissed him again. Brianna looked at Braden, "I love you too." Niall and Samantha were happy again. Brianna and Braden danced together all night long, and Becca and Louis danced all night as well. At about two in the morning Justin said, "Okay guys, its about time for this party to be over but first I have and announcement."

Chapter Fifteen:

Justin stood in front of Ashleigh and said "Ashleigh I love you" he dropped to one knee "I want to be with you forever, will you marry me?" he pulled the ring out of his pocket, it was gorgeous. "Yes." that was all she said, Justin put the ring on her and then stood up and kissed her. "We can't leave now! We have to celebrate!" Harry shouted as he spun Alex around and started dancing. After a couple more hours they all decided it was time to go home. Braden and Brianna went back to Brianna's, Becca and Louis went back to Louis' and Niall and Samantha went back to Samantha's. While walking home Niall said "That was a crazy day wasn't it love?" "Yes it was but I'm just happy your mine again." Samantha said getting closer to him. Niall put his arm around her and kissed her forehead. It started to rain, Niall looked at Samantha and thought too himself, "I've never kissed her in the rain.." he got a devious little smile on his face, "What?" She said laughing a little bit. Niall picked her up and kissed her. She was totally shocked, she wasn't expecting it. They walked up the stairs and then into Samantha's house. "Lets watch a movie" Niall suggested. Samantha put in Grease since she knew Niall loved that movie and they fell asleep watching it on the couch. At about 9 in the morning, Niall woke up to somebody knocking on the door..

Chapter Sixteen:

Niall shook Samantha and said "Babe somebody's at your door" "Would you please answer it?" Samantha replied very sleepily. "Of course love." he kissed her cheek, and when to answer the door. "Vas Happenin?!" it was Zayn "You woke me up" Niall said "Oh well I just came to tell you that tonight we are all going to dinner to celebrate Justin and Ashleigh's engagement, 7pm at some fancy restaurant, Justin is picking us all up in a limo so I don't even know the name of the place." "Okay we'll be there." Niall replied as he walked back to the couch "Tonight at 7 we are going to dinner with the lads to celebrate Justin's engagement." "Okay sounds fun." Samantha said, still half asleep. Niall got up and made breakfast for the two of them, "Samantha come and eat." No reply he walked over the couch to see that she had fallen back asleep. He didn't want to wake her up so he turned the TV on and watched the rest of Grease. Just as the credits ended she woke up. Niall jumped up and heated up the food he made earlier, he brought it to her but made her kiss him before he'd give it to her. "Thank you" she said "My pleasure love." After she ate he went back home to change and before Samantha realized he was wearing clothes Becca gave him. Samantha got up, showered and got dressed then around three Niall called her. "Hey babe lets go do something." "Okay, when and were?" "It's a surprise I'll come get you." "Okay I'll see you soon, Love you." Love you too bye." then they hung up. Just a minute or two later there was yet again a knock on Samantha's door..

Chapter Seventeen:

Samantha opened the door cautiously, it was Niall. "That was fast, you scared me!" "You read love?" he said "Yes, were are we going?" she was curious now. "Well I thought we would go walk around the fair some, play some games, maybe ice cream?" Niall said, he seemed excited about his plan. "Okay lets go." Samantha said laughing a little. She wasn't too thrilled with going but she wanted to make the best of it. Niall started playing some games, "This is for you love." he said handing her a giant teddy bear. "Aw thank you" "Lets go get that ice cream now." Niall suggested. They left the fair and went to a little ice cream shop, they ordered and once they got their ice cream they sat down. They talked about how crazy the day before was and Niall made her laugh a lot by telling her jokes. "Oh my goodness its almost 6, and we have to be ready by 7 for dinner with the lads." Niall said. "Let me walk you home" Niall insisted. "Okay, lets go" They walked back to Samantha's once they got to the door Niall said "Well I better get home so I can change, remember its a fancy place so we have to dress up." "Okay, are you coming back here or are they picking you up at your place?" "I'm not sure if i'm ready when they get to my place I'll get in there but if i'm ready early enough I'll come here." "Okay i'll see you later." Samantha said, she hoped he would come back to her place because she knew Becca would be in the limo with Louis when they picked up Niall and she didn't want that. "Hello?" Samantha said when she opened her door, it was Liam, "Is Niall here?" He asked "No he's not, isn't he at his place?" She asked worriedly. "We were just there and he wasn't." Liam said, sounding worried himself. "Well come with us, we will call him from the limo."

Chapter Eighteen:

Samantha and Liam rushed to the limo "Go back to to Niall's house please" Liam said to the driver as he started moving. While driving Louis saw something on the ground, "What is that?" he said, "I don't know but i'm going to find out." Harry said. Harry and Zayn jumped out the limo and were soon followed by the others, "Oh my god" Liam said, it was Niall on the ground, he was just laying there, unconscious, he didn't look hurt at all. Justin pulled out his phone and called 911. "Yes my friend is on the ground unconscious, he doesn't look hurt but you should come right away" he told the operators trying to stay calm." "Okay, we picked up your coordinates and paramedics will be there very soon." "Thank you." Justin said then he hung up. "Paramedics are on their way he told everybody. Samantha was by his side holding his hand "Niall, wake up, please wake up." About 5 minutes later they heard sirens. The paramedics got out of the ambulance and rushed to Niall, they didn't do CPR because he was breathing just fine, they put him on a stretcher and then into the ambulance, Samantha went with him. They didn't do anything in the ambulance. "What's wrong with him?" Samantha asked "Doesn't seem like anything, but he did pass out for some reason, the doctors will figure it out at the hospital."

Chapter Nineteen:

At the hospital they didn't need to do much, about 10 minutes after they got there Niall woke up, "Were is Samantha?" he asked all the doctors and nurses, "Samantha? Niall is asking for you." they said as they walked into the waiting room. "He awake! yay can I see him?" She asked "Yes you may." "What happened?" she asked him as she walked over to him. "I just felt dizzy, they said is was a lack of sleep and dehydration." I'll be okay in a couple hours." "Oh yay, how are you feeling now?" "Tired but otherwise okay, you go to dinner with the others, please, don't let me ruin your night." Niall said, he didn't want her to see him looking so sick. "It's okay they are on their way here now." Samantha didn't want to leave his side, for anything. When everybody else showed up they wouldn't let more than 5 people in the room at a time so they all took turns, Samantha didn't leave though. The doctor walked in and said, "Niall, we are going to release you tonight, but we want you to call tomorrow and let us know how you feel, alright?" "Of course." Niall responded "Do you have someone who can stay with you, or someone you can stay with? We don't want you alone tonight" "Yes, Samantha could I stay with you tonight?" Niall asked, "Of course you can" Samantha said almost immediately. Ten minutes later they unhooked everything and let Niall leave with Samantha, they got in a cab and went to her house. When they got there Niall almost immediately fell asleep on the couch, Samantha turned the TV, and lights off, then went upstairs to her bed, and fell asleep almost as fast as Niall did.

Chapter Twenty:

The next morning Samantha woke up before Niall, she made breakfast for herself and then when she saw Niall start to wake up she made him some. '"Samantha" Niall said "Come here" Samantha rushed over to him "Come closer" he whispered, she sat next to him and leaned towards him "I love you" he said "I love you too, now come eat" he just looked at her, she kissed him and then he got up. "You should call the doctor now" Samantha said when they finished eating. He told the doctor he was feeling fine and that if started to feel sick he'd go into the hospital. "Lets stay in today, and watch movies." Samantha suggested. "I need to change clothes." Niall said "I'll call Liam and ask him to bring you some, you're not going anywhere." Samantha insisted "Hey Liam would you mind going to Niall's place and get him some clothes, then bring them here?" "Of course, I'll be over shortly." Liam said "Thanks!" Samantha almost shouted then she hung up the phone. "Liam will be over with clothes for you shortly." Samantha told Niall. They heard a knock on the door, Samantha hopped up and opened it. "Hey Liam" She said as Liam handed Samantha the clothes. "Come on in, we're watching Toy Story." "That's my favorite movie!" Liam said "We know" Niall and Samantha said at the same time. Liam sat down on a chair and Samantha on the couch, Niall went to change. "How is he feeling?" Liam asked "He's feeling good, he called the doctor and said he didn't feel like anything was wrong." She explained to him. "Oh thats good." "Yeah it is." Niall walked back in and sat down next to Samantha, he put his arm around her and gave her a kiss. They all sat and watched Toy Story together.

Chapter Twenty-One

Once Liam left Niall suggested they go somewhere. "Where do you want to go?" Samantha asked. "I was thinking we go to Paris on a vacation." He said "Oh My goodness I'd love that!" Samantha said. "Okay I'll make the plans and let you know when" "Okay" you said smiling. Niall gave you a kiss and said "So what do you want to do now.?" You turned the TV off "Well it's almost three so lets go for a walk" you put some shoes on and grabbed a jacket, Niall asked "Were are we going to walk to?" "I don't know lets just walk" You walked and talked and finally got a park. "Lets sit" Niall said. You both sat on a bench. "Niall" you said "This was so not a fairy tale was it?" "Not at all love, but I wouldn't want it to have ended any other way." He leaned in and kissed her. "I love you Samantha" "I love you too Niall."