Chapter One:
"Samantha are you coming?" Niall yelled from downstairs. "Yes, just a second!" "women" Niall whispered to himself "I heard that!" Samantha yelled back at him. A minute later Samantha came down the stairs with two suitcases. They were going to Paris, it had been two months since Niall had suggested a vacation there. "Come on babe were going to miss our plane." Niall didn't want to miss it because he had a surprise planned for their last night and he didn't want the trip cancelled. "I'm ready, lets go" Niall grabbed her suitcases and put them in the cab. "Airport please" he said to the driver. "This should be such a fun week" Samantha said leaning her head onto his shoulder. He kissed her forehead "I know it will be love." he said. The ride to the airport was only 10 minutes. When they got there they checked their bags and it was a huge commotion "Niall look here" "Niall look this way" "Niall give her a kiss for us" Paul had met them at the airport to help with this so they had some space. "Niall and Samantha, please come this way." an airport security guard led them to a private room so they could wait for their plane in peace.

Chapter Two:
"Niall and Samantha its time to board" The lady said and Niall and Samantha headed for the door, "Oh no, follow me, we have another way that won't cause it to get hectic" The lady told them motioning for them to follow her. She led them through a door and a small hallway till they came to a big door. "Does go outside?" Paul asked. "Yes it does, nobody is out here except employees." She told him. She had some trouble with the door so Paul helped her get it open. Niall and Samantha walked outside hand in hand. Niall looked up at the windows and waved to all the people with his free hand. "How many people are up there?" Samantha asked "A lot, love don't look." Samantha was afraid of being in front of a large crowd, she teared up thinking about how many people there were. "Niall" she said, he put his arm around her and pulled her close kissing her head. "You will be okay, I promise." They were the first ones to board the plane, they were put in the front of first class so nobody but the first class people would see them. Samantha was scared that they would get mobbed with people. "You want to sit by the window?" Niall asked her "Yeah that would help." She sat by the window and looked at all the people. Soon the crowd got smaller and she realized people were boarding, the seats behind them were full of adults so she felt okay, it was when the other passengers boarded she had a problem.

Chapter Three:
Samantha turned around and a couple girls saw her, they walked over "You Samantha, Niall's girlfriend right?" Just then Niall got back from the bathroom, both girls screamed. "Why all the screaming?" Niall said jokingly. Samantha looked at him and he knew she was worried, she didn't like screaming girls around her. "Can we have your autograph?" The girls said almost in sync. "Sure, but you can't tell anybody you saw me up here." Niall told them. He signed both their shirts and then sat down. "Niall, I hope they keep quiet about seeing you." Samantha said. "Me too but if not, i"m right here for you love." Niall said, he pulled up the arm rest that separated their chairs and pulled her closer. "Do you think it will be like this in Paris?" Samantha asked "I sure hope not, Paul is coming so it shouldn't be too bad." Niall replied. "I don't care how hectic it is" Samantha said "I just want to get some time with you." she continued "I know I want to get some time with you too, love." Niall said, he lifted her chin with his hand and gently kissed her. "Please fasten your seat belts, we are about to take off." The pilot said. The flight attendants showed everybody how seat belts worked and they waited for the plane to start moving.

Chapter Four:
Once the plane was moving Samantha relaxed a little bit. "I love you Niall." she said "I love you too." Niall said as leaned over to give her a kiss. "Oooohh" Niall turned around. "What?" There were two girls standing there "Can we have your autograph?" they asked "Only if you promise not to tell anyone I'm up here" "Promise" they almost shouted at the same time. Niall signed some stuff and the whole time Samantha kept one hand on him. The two girls left and Niall put him arm around her waist and pulled her close. "We are a minute from lift-off be prepared" the flight attendant said. Samantha moved towards the window put the arm rest down and up they went. "You may now put arm-rests up and tray tables down if you'd like" The attendant said after about 20 minutes. Niall immediately pushed the arm-rest back up and pulled Samantha back over to him. "10 hours, on this plane with you love." Niall said, then he kissed her head "As long as those girls keep quiet it should be great." Samantha said, she popped up and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He was a little shocked because she doesn't typically do that. He poked her side and she jumped, "Stop that!" she said trying not to laugh. He poked her again and said "Never" with a smirk. She just looked at him, his smirk turned to a pouty face. "Can I have a kiss" he said trying to sound sad "Now why should I give you a kiss?" "Because you love me." Niall said still trying to sound sad. "Well I can't argue with that." She said as she looked up and kissed him. "Yay!" Niall said in a childish voice. Samantha just started laughing, and the seatbelt sign turned back on..

Chapter Five:
"We are going through some turbulence at the moment, please stay seated until the seatbelt sign is turned off." the pilot said. Samantha and Niall just sat there and waited. Nothing was happening, it was just bumpy. After about half an hour the pilot turned the sign off "You may now move about the aircraft." he said. "Well, I'm glad it's not bumpy anymore." Samantha said. "Me too" Niall said laughing a little. "What?" she asked. "Nothing, it was just kinda fun when it was bumpy." he said laughing a little harder. "It was kinda fun." Samantha replied laughing herself. A few hours went by and nothing exciting happened. "Two hours will we land" The flight attendants said. "Finally" Niall said. His knee was bugging him and he wanted to get up and move around. "Your knee alright?" Samantha asked "It hurts." he told her. Samantha leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "That helped a little" He said a little jokingly. "Well I think I know what might help." She looked up at him, sat up and kissed him. "It feels better now" He said. She knew he was just kidding but she went with it. Niall asked the flight attendant for some ice. She brought it too him and then they waited for the flight to be over.

Chapter Six:
"Would you mind getting off last to avoid commotion?" The flight attendant asked Niall "Of course" he replied. After about ten minutes they closed the front door and opened the back, "You will getting out from the back door so nobody can get to the door." the lady said Niall and Samantha got up and walked towards the back of the plane. They walked down some stairs and looked up at all the people, they were just looking at them. Samantha got nervous so Niall put his arm around her, "It's going to be okay." he told her giving her a kiss on the cheek. They couldn't hear anybody up in the airport but they could tell that they were screaming. Once inside they were brought to a room, just like at home. "We have to walk through the airport to get out of here don't we?" Samantha asked. Niall nodded he wrapped his arms around her waist from behind and kissed her neck, he knew she liked that. "Alright you two lets get going." A man was guiding them now. He opened the door and there was another man standing there as well as some girls. Niall pulled Samantha close and they made their way through the mob. They got to the car and saw that Zayn was in it with Sophie. "Hop in" Zayn said. Niall opened the door for Samantha and they got in. "How was your flight?" Sophie asked them "It was long" Niall said "and quite boring" Samantha added. "Hows your knee doing?" Zayn asked, clearly directed at Niall. "Its alright" Niall quickly responded. They were so close the the hotel Niall pointed and told Zayn it was right there. He started to turn but then everything started spinning.

Chapter Seven:
The car came to a stop. Niall had his arms around Samantha very tightly. "What just happened?" Sophie asked Zayn. "I have no idea." He replied "Niall, come with me." Niall hopped out of the car and went with Zayn. "Sophie, do you have any idea what that might have been?" Samantha asked. They were both trying to stay low so other people wouldn't notice them and think "Hey there's Zayn and Niall's girlfriend's lets go find the boys" "No clue." Sophie said as Zayn and Niall hopped back in, "I have no idea what that was." Zayn said. Nothing was damaged, they didn't hit anything so they just left. They pulled into the hotel parking lot and Zayn helped Niall bring their bags up to their room. Once everything was upstairs Zayn and Sophie left. "Samantha was still pretty shaken from what had happened, Niall noticed and walked over her hand wrapped his arms around her. She started to cry "It's okay, I'm here." he whispered into her ear. "I love you" She managed to get out between sobs. "I love you too" he said squeezing her tighter. He pulled back a little bit, and kissed her forehead then pulled her closer to him again.

Chapter Eight:
"Samantha, are you ready, I'm starving?" Niall yelled from their tiny hotel room kitchen. It was dinner time and he wasn't telling you were you were going. "I'm coming" You shouted while walking into the kitchen. "Let's go" He said than gave you a kiss. He opened the door "After you" he said. You walked out the door and into the elevator. Once in the lobby Niall put his arm around your waist and kept you close to him the whole way through the crowd. It was hard sometimes because you both are claustrophobic(afraid of small or crowded places) He always kept you close and that was enough for you, and security was around him most of the time so you both felt safe. You got in the car and it started to move. "Where are we even going?" you asked "It's a secret" Niall said with a smirk. It seemed like forever before you finally got there. "Oh my goodness." you said as you got out. You were at the Eiffel Tower, there was nobody else there and it was all light up, it was so beautiful. Niall took your hand and you went up a couple flights of stairs. When you go to the spot where most people stop Niall pushed a button and a door opened, to an elevator. You two got in and it was clear on one side, you looked out and saw the beautiful city. The door opened and there was a table set up with roses and food waiting (of course). Niall pulled your chair out, you sat down and then he sat as the violinist started playing a very pretty song. "I can't believe you did this for me" you said to Niall. "I had some help" he said laughing "It's the thought that counts" you said laughing a bit your self. A napkin fell on the floor and Niall bent down to pick it up, and a small box fell out of his pocket.

Chapter Nine:
"What's that?" you ask curiously "Oh it's nothing" he says "let's eat" he finishes laughing a little bit. Once you finish eating Niall takes your hand "Samantha" he says "follow me" he stands up and you follow. You go over to look out over the city "are you okay Niall?" you ask, he seems very nervous. "yeah i'm fine love" he says. "You know I love you more than anything" he says looking deep into your eyes "I love you too" you say "we have been through a lot, and I'm going on tour soon." he starts to get a little teary eyed thinking of leaving you for so long. "I don't want to leave my girlfriend behind, I also don't want to take her with me." you were shocked, you looked at the ground then back out over the city "what do you mean by that?" you asked He reached in his pocket and took out the little box he had dropped earlier. "I don't want to bring my girlfriend with me, I want to bring my fiancé" he got down on one knee and opened the box "Samantha, will you marry me?" you couldn't speak you just nodded and started to cry. He put the ring on your finger and then stood up. "I also would love to have you with me on this tour, will you come?" you still couldn't speak jut nodded again. He wrapped his arms around you and held you tightly "I love you" you said into his neck when you could finally speak "I love you too" he said as he pulled back from the hug and then slowly leaned back in to kiss you.