It is cold,

I am freezing,

I can see icicles on my hands.

I can feel my eyes freezing together.

Why is it getting colder?

What is happening?

Why is it getting darker?

Why isn't anyone answering?

Finally I finished burying her alive,

Now she will freeze to death.

Now it is time for me to go home,

But which way did I come from?

I hear wolves howling,

I hear someone above me screaming.

The wolves are above me now,

They are growling.


The wolves howl with their triumph.

They have dinner tonight.

What about me?

I guess no one will find me.

The wolves smell something nearby,

They growl and turn,

They find nothing,

They smell and find it under the snow.

It's getting brighter,


Is that a wolf sniffing me?

They are cuddling around me, to keep me warm?

I am part of the pack now.

I sleep with them.

I hunt with them.

I eat with them.

I eat the person who tried to kill me,

My brother .