Chapter 1: In Which We meet a Girl

A young woman sat down on the soft window seat and starred out into the sky, her mind reeled with questions, where was she from? What was her name? Who left her here and more importantly why? All she had with her were the clothes on her back, nothing special, so why was she in this room that looked like it belonged to some one royal, and why was there no one around at all? These questions ran through her head as she stared out of the window and into the starry sky. Suddenly a cat leaped upon her lap and looked at her as if it knew her.

"Do you know who I am?" Her soft voice startled her not knowing that it WAS hers. She cleared her voice and asked wanting to know "can you help me?", but the cat only starred at her. She petted it as if the simple action of her doing so would make things all better. No noises invaded her silent room but the low purring of the cat, and the crackles and pops of the small fire. She was lonely, scared, and sad. No comfort came leaping out, no knight came soaring through the door to tell her who she was and how she got there nothing happened but stillness.
A single tear slid down her cheek quickly she wiped it away, even if only the cat would see she had to be strong she had to find out, no she needed to. Slowly she stood holding the cat in her arms for it was her only companion in this place. She slowly explored the room she found herself in, books lined the shelves in a ordered way, the curtains all hung perfectly the bed was made in the most beautiful way. Nothing looked real, it was all just to perfect to be truly there.

When did she truly arrive here, mentally was she just standing there for hours not knowing who she was, or what she was, not taking in anything not seeing, hearing, smelling, or just plain touching anything. Had she died and this was her purgatory or was she hit on the head a little to hard? She stared around the room a little while longer, the cat in her arms still purring away, she wasn't even petting it. It was like the cat was just so happy to see her, she looked down upon his, she now deemed it a he, silky orange coat and just starred. After a while she looked back up and continued to investigate the perfect room.

She came across one thing that peaked her interest the only imperfect thing in the room, a tiny music box that stood on the bookshelf. There was a small chip on the corner but it looked as if the music would play just fine. She opened it and saw a small piece of paper very well hidden underneath the rim of the box, nimbly as to not damage the small parts so it could still play. She went back to her window seat with the cat, the music box and the note. She set the box down intending to wind it up another time but from the slight jolt of setting it down it started up. The song it played was full of sorrow and love at the same time. The music affected the young woman greatly, she sat and listened to the soft notes that were spun right before her eyes .

It was a while before she realized the music stopped, and that there were tears on her face. Wiping them away she took the small piece of paper she found and unfolded it. The tiny yellowing paper held a small letter that was written in the most beautiful of scripts. She read it over and over drinking the beautiful words, but she felt she was intruding on some thing that wasn't meant for her eyes, only for the writers true recipient only the two lovers.

To My Dearest Mora,
When you get this I might already be home for the battle is ending soon, and we're wining. You'll see a few new scars but they aren't anything big. I miss you I miss holding you in my arms at night, knowing that you're safe not worrying that something happened I miss talking to you every day, hearing your beautiful soft voice calling me to dinner. I hope that you like the music box I sent last month, It reminded me of you. I want you to know that once I get back I will get to stay with you forever, this was my last year in the service. I love you so much and I can't wait to get back home to see your shining smile once again.
Love, Your Dearest, Egon

She wound up the music box wanting to know what the girl in the letter was like, was She that girl? If she was where was the man, Egon? More questions flitted through her head as she continually wound up the box when it ended, the cat on her lap had fallen asleep a while ago as she kept rereading the letter and kept rewinding the music box. Eventually the young woman's eyes felt like lead weights and they slowly drifted closed, She felt the cat move but was too far away to truly notice. Her mind teemed with questions but Her body couldn't take it. She fell asleep, whose to say it was a good or bad sleep, but it was sound.

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