Chapter 2: In Which Our Girl Meets Trouble

The quiet sound of rain pattering on the window awoke the woman from her cozy land of slumber. Her eyes opened at a slow pace, her mind running at top speed trying to remember all she discovered about her situation yesterday. As her eyes opened so did all her senses, the calm pouring of rain and her slow breathing were all she herd, for the fire burnt out while she slept, the woman's body ached from the sitting position she fell asleep in. She reached her arms over her head in a small attempt to relive the soreness she felt. She breathed in a huge breath and decided that she needed to explore today, find out where she was.

Suddenly the cat came back into the room with a slightly disgruntled look, like a mouse got away from him. The girl smiled and petted him, which caused an immediate reaction, he started to purr again.

"I should call you Egon, since I don't have anything else to call you do I?" she rather liked the name from the letter, she thought for a moment "I should have a name too shouldn't I?...but what? oh! I'll call myself Mora!" she said clapping her hands together, but something on the inside nagged at her, that wasn't her name. she was in a way stealing Mora's name, her identity.

Newly named Mora started towards the door, needing to know what was behind it. She hesitated her hand right above the handle, should she really go. Yes she decided and turned the handle, yanked the door open and hid behind it as if some monster would pop out. She slowly peeped her head out and looked, the entire corridor was covered in cobwebs, all the lights were out and the windows were covered in a thick layer of dust, like everything had been left completely unattended.

" What happened here? What happened to all the people?" she stood just outside of the door stunned at the complete inattention to the house. "Egon lets go, we wont get anywhere just standing here" the cat just sat there looking apprehensively. Now Mora wasn't exactly unafraid but her curiosity took over all of her senses.

She started down the hall, it showed that at one point it was elegant and absolutely beautiful. The walls were covered in dust and grime from age. Mora started to wipe away some of the dust on the walls it showed some beautiful painted patterns. Some showed forests some showed monsters. Egon followed by very closely almost touching Mora's leg, she continued down the hall to see the main hall.

It was huge, grand pillars stood at the bottom of the stairs, the banister was smooth even with the dust. Now the floors that is what Mora marveled at the most, every step she took she reveled more and more of the marble. Enormous tapestries hung from, what looked like the ceiling and some had even fallen to the ground,

"Wow it's amazing," Mora turned in circles to stare at the dilapidated grandeur " I wonder who used to live here, a royal family maybe even some mythical beings" now Mora had said the last part as a joke but Egon suddenly reacted. Now this could have been just a coincidence and Mora thought just that and ignored him "lets go to the garden it should be fun there or at least less dusty" and thus she left.

Finding the garden was a much harder ordeal than Mora had ever thought. She went through many corridors trying to find the garden, or even a door to the outside. She went down many flights , apparently she was in a tower. Mora began believing that she was indeed in a castle, and even more so that she was the only one there.

She trekked on though, through the many halls she finally came upon the kitchen, and only now did she realize that she was thoroughly starving. Rifling through the cupboards she found nothing, but she didn't expect much it was after all basically abandoned. With a big sigh she went out the other door, and lo and behold the backyard.

It was extraordinary, Mora didn't recognize any of the plants whatsoever. There were vines of leaves that climbed up to the side of the house, almost to the top. Now that she could see it thoroughly the 'house' was really an enormous castle. It was red at one point but now it was just a faded tan, most of the roof was coming off in bits. The windows were all grimy so people couldn't see in, and she couldn't see out. Her eyes hurt just a tad from being in the direct sun. Her feet ached from all the walking, her mind pounded from all the thinking, but all that did was even further prove that she was there, that all of this was real.

Mora took a long deep breath, the smell of wet grass permeated the air like it had just rained, she closed her eyes and just stood there drinking in all that was around her. She didn't notice when Egon started to growl nor did she notice the low deep rumbling that was emanating from the woods in front of her. Mora opened her eyes at the exact wrong moment.

Standing tall in front of her was a huge monster, with three heads it roared right in her face, Mora's body couldn't move she was frozen in place with fear. Never had she seen something so foul. Covered in scales it was with teeth that dripped saliva onto her bare feet, it had four legs that lumbered awkwardly towards her, its three heads moved in all directions, dripping saliva even more places, all the while keeping its eyes locked on her. Mora felt the hysteria rising up from her stomach into her throat and finally releasing into a loud ear piecing scream. Egon bit her leg and she felt almost in control, until she started running.

At this point Mora felt as though her body was running on auto pilot. Her feet moved so fast that she felt she might get away, that is until the creature took to the air. She hadn't noticed the wing for the monster had been shrouded in darkness. In good light the thing looked even more repulsive. The scales shined a muddy crimson and the talons shone with new blood. The thing let out a tremendous roar that shook the ground and everything on it, and dived. Mora let out another shriek she fell to the ground and rolled away. now running in the opposite direction of the monster she was headed in the way of the castle.

In a split second decision Mora made a very bad choice and turned around. The monster was almost touching her it was so close, all of its eyes meeting hers for a split second her fear took control for that split second over her instincts. Her feet stopped moving along with her brain Mora fell face first into the dirt, merely feet from the house, now the monster wasn't expecting her sudden stop justas much as she did. It took even further up in the skies to avoid hitting the walls. Mora grateful for this and stood up sprinting into the door while slamming it shut behind her.

Mora began to relax taking in slow breaths and looking down at Egon "you...weren'" she said punctuating each word with a wheeze. She began to start walking when four gigantic talons reached into the house breaking the door with a sickening splintering sound. The talons scraped and scratched at all of the walls trying to get at Mora. She ran again, she ran up the many stairs and through the many halls. She ran through countless doorways just to get away. The roaring didn't get any quieter as she ran, the noise reverberated throughout the castle. Mora ran and ran Egon keeping up but just barely.

Mora turned the corner into a dead end with a window in it. she stopped to rest and to catch her breath. out of the corner of her eye she saw the muddy crimson and the stark white eyes, not wanting to believe she turned and saw the monster staring at her through the window. Her body made to make the scream but it didn't come out all it was was an exhausted exhale of air. She turned and ran again, her lungs felt as though the would tear with all the breathing, her muscles felt like dead weight and her stomach felt as though someone had cut it out.

Turning one last corner Mora found her room. She slammed the door shut once she entered and immediately ran to close the drapes. Her fingers slipped slightly, trembling from exhaustion, her body move to the bed and she sat then fell over, her body screamed out from over use her lungs praying for some air, her stomach dying for some food and her mind silent from the pain. Egon sat next to Mora's head and started to lick her ear, then her nose and chin, Mora all the while breathing so heavily. She stared up onto the fabric that was draped above her bed concentrating on trying to keep the world from spinning. Slowly her breathing slowed and eventually became normal, but with one thing comes another. Her body felt as though it weighed ten thousand pounds. She tried to lift her arms but to no avail.

Egon continued to lick her face, almost like he was saying sorry for all that had happened. Mora closed her eyes and all she could see was the music box. That was the one thing she wanted to hear. She opened her eyes and slowly made her way into a sitting position, she looked around for a minute not remembering where she had put it. Mora found it on the window bench, sitting as pristine as could be. She moved over to get it as slowly as could be and very slowly she wound it up and listened, more intently than the first times, but she couldn't focus, her body was thoroughly exhausted, and her mind was weary. She slowly moved back onto the bed. Her numb fingers wound up the machine one more time, she pulled the blanket over her head and lay there and once again her mind began to start.

Her thoughts immediately went to who she was, "no," she said in a whisper "just go to sleep" her music slowly faded growing slower and slower until it stopped in the middle of the song but Mora didn't care, she had drifted into the world of dreams and fantasy.

Now the cat had stood up and stretched arching his back went up to Mora and gave her one more lick. He had to leave for the night or else something bad might happen, he might lose control, just like the monster from earlier, no he shook his cat head. He wouldn't- no couldn't lose control for the girl's- no Mora's sake now he must be strong for he was no ordinary cat he was her protector.

The cat jumped onto the side table and then proceeded to walk out the door, supposedly to do what cats do but he wasn't he was going to do something much more important, but that is a different story. Mora lay sound asleep dreaming of the past, of songs that drifted in and out of her subconscious, of buildings that slipped away like sand through her fingers, and of people whose faces seemed to disappear among each other. She awoke many times throughout the night but to fall asleep not but a moment later. She would speak of names that she never knew and of terrors that she had yet to find.

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