Early in the morning, Seito rose from his bed immediately when he remembered that the first signs of spring would happen soon. Before marrying, he must at least meet the woodcutter properly. He began dressing himself quickly, gazing out of the window thoughtfully. He knew exactly where the woodcutter's cottage was and he knew exactly what time he left his cottage to go and gather wood. Seito threw on his white shirt, black trousers and jumped into his riding boots. Swiftly grabbing his red cloak and putting it on, Seito began to brush his long silver hair. He stared ahead at the dark forest, contemplating to how he should approach the woodcutter. He may not know the woodcutter but he was sure that the woodcutter would know him. Perhaps he could offer to help gather wood and they would get to know each other better. Seito nodded firmly as he grabbed his riding crop and silently slid out of his bedroom to go down to the stables. His silver coloured stallion stood in his stable, waiting patiently. He snorted in acknowledgement as Seito gently reached out to stroke his nose.

"Come, we ride now, Rupa."

Rupa snorted and munched on a carrot happily when Seito gave it to him. Seito let him out of his pen and into the courtyard where the gates were open to let the gardeners out for them to tend to the outside gardens. Taking advantage of the time, Seito immediately hopped onto Rupa, sans saddle and reins, and gently tapped his neck. Rupa snorted and Seito grabbed a hold of his snow white mane as they galloped out of the courtyard and into the forest. Seito took no acknowledgement of the surprised cries of his name as he rode through the dark forest. His blood red eyes keenly took in their surroundings and he steered Rupa in the right direction. Seito suddenly hugged Rupa's neck, an indication for the stallion to stop. Rupa stopped outside the small cottage of the young woodcutter and Seito's breath hitched when he came out. Seito drank in the beautiful sight, from the woodcutter's tangled black locks to his bright green eyes, to his lithe torso, to his perfectly carved calves. The woodcutter spotted him and froze.

"Oh, my lord," he said and gestured a bow.

Seito smiled as he got off Rupa and took off his cloak.

"Off to work?" he asked and the woodcutter nodded "May I join you?"

The woodcutter seemed startled and bowed his head.

"I am not sure if it would be appropriate for you to mingle in with a commoner like myself," he said and Seito laughed him off, striding over.

"My name is Seito," he introduced himself "May I know your name?"

"Damon," the woodcutter replied and bowed again "May I offer you a drink, my lord?"

"Please do not address me with such formalities, Damon," Seito smiled and stepped forward to help Damon stand upright "Let us be friends."

Damon seemed a bit shocked and nodded blankly. Seito smiled warmly as Damon handed him an axe and began showing him how to chop the wood.