"Believe!" I hear the masses call.

"Trust in yourself! For then will all

Your doubts and fears be overcome.

And humanity be one!"


"Believe!" I hear the papal cry

"Trust the Church or else you die.

Trust the priest and let thy mind

Follow sweetly. Faith is blind."


"Believe!" I hear the doctor say.

"You need the drugs for which you pay

The cure is all assured. Be strong!

Our medicine is never wrong."


"Believe!" I see the teacher smile

"Sex-Ed these days is quite worthwhile.

And we must demand compliance

To teach Darwin as a science."


"Believe!" I hear the preacher shout

"Love is what it's all about!

The answer to our every wrong

Is to find out we belong."


"Believe!" The counselor assures

"For trust can open many doors.

Believe your family will give

The love and worth wherewith to live."


"Believe?" Must I again allow

The lie? The taste is bitter now.

Thus I find all faith is gone

In what I once relied upon.


"Believe!" This Voice is quiet: still.

A gentle beckoning of will

To trust. Not man, nor man's device

But in perfected Jesus Christ.


"Believe!" In Him, and in His Name

For He forever is the same.

Thus we joy as we profess

In our God of Righteousness.