It all starts here…

[I am Yuri Mikaze, I am a first year high school girl. I'm currently 15 years old. I was once an active student and very sociable but now…]

Girl: Good morning Yuri.

Yuri: (not showing her face) good morning.

Other girl: She's always quiet, she wasn't like this before.

Girl: Yeah…

At the classroom… (Yuri is in the seat beside the window and looking outside)

Sensei: Good morning class, this is our transferee, Maki Shiyan.

All of the girls in the room whispers…

Yuri: hmmm…

Sensei: Maki, sit there. (Points out the seat beside Yuri)

Maki took his seat and the teacher starts talking about their new lesson.

Maki: Hi, I'm Maki, Maki Shiyan.

Yuri: hmmm… (Looking at the window)

Maki: o—Kay (turns his head to the other direction)

Shiro: Hi I'm Shiro, Your classmate.

Maki: Hi, Shiro.

Shiro: So you're new, huh?

Maki: Yeah, I guess I am.
Uhm… who's that? (Points out to Yuri)

Shiro: Oh, she's Yuri. She's cute, right?

Maki: Why is she so quiet?

Shiro: We don't know. She wasn't like this before. Actually, she wasn't this quiet before. She was our student council president last year but I don't know if she would quit this year. She's from a rich family and I heard she has too many problems to confront.

Maki: Oh, I see…

After class….

Shiro: Hey Maki, heading home?

Maki: Yeah.

Shiro: Do you mind hanging out before going home?

Maki: (sees Yuri) Um, no thanks.
well, bye

Shiro: 'kay bye!

(Maki follows Yuri to the park and sees Yuri sitting on the bench)

Yuri: Do you know that I know that you're spying on me?

Maki: Eh! Um…

Yuri: Why were you spying on me?

Maki: Um… I wasn't spying.

Yuri: Then what were you doing?

Maki: Okay, you got me…. I just want to know why you were so quiet in school and—

Yuri: You shouldn't get too involved in my life. It's not a happy story.

Maki: what?

Yuri: Forget what I said! You should go home! (walks away)

Maki: Hey, wait! (grabs her hand)

Yuri: ….. (takes her hand)

The next day….

Maki: Hi Yuri.

Yuri: ….

Shiro: Hey, what happened?

Maki: Nothing, why?

Shiro: Because she would usually say "hmmm… " rather than saying nothing.

Maki: …..

*end of chapter 1, to be continued*