Yuri's brother

"It is actually lunch time and today, I'm going to eat with Maki." Yuri thought while holding her bag tightly as she could.

She went to the school canteen and bought some juice because she has bento* for lunch and sat at the table near the

window. On the other hand, Maki was on the way outside when he remembered that he would eat lunch with Yuri. He

hurriedly went to the canteen. She found Yuri near the window. He bought lunch first and sat beside her.

"You're 5 minutes late." Yuri said.

"Sorry 'bout that." Maki said while panting.

Maki moved a little farther from Yuri so he can move better when he saw an envelope in Yuri's bag.

"What's that?" Maki asked while pointing on Yuri's bag.

"Oh, that's a letter from my little brother who is coming today." Yuri replied.

"You have a little brother?" Maki asked.

"Yeah, he studed in America so you don't usually see him." Yuri said.

"Oh. What year is he in?" Maki asked.

"He's in the fifth year of middle school" Yuri said. "Although he's just supposed to be in the fourth year" she continued.

"Oh, I see. He skipped a grade." Maki said.


They continued eating when someone opened the canteen door. It was like a sixth grade middle schooler wearing

casual clothes with light brown hair and blue eyes. He was moving around as if he was looking for something or

someone. Then, Yuri caught his eye and walked to her.

"Hi" the boy said.

"Excuse me? Do I know you?" Yuri replied with wondering eyes

"Onee-sama*! It's only been 5 years! Don't you recognize me?!" the boy said.

Yuri stood up in surprise "Tsuki! I'm sorry I didn't recognize you. You were so small back then and now you've grown up!" Yuri said.

"Waaaah! Onee-chan* can't recognize me!" Tsuki said tearfully.

"You've gotten so big but you still have the mind of a kindergartener." Yuri murmured.

Tsuki was still crying when he noticed Maki sitting near him.

"Who's him?" Tsuki asked Yuri.

"Oh, him? He's Maki, my friend." Yuri replied.

"Are you sure?" Tsuki said to Yuri with suspicious eyes pointing to Maki.

"Eh, um" Maki said thinking of what else to say.

"Of course I'm sure! What kind of question is that?" Yuri replied to Tsuki.

"Just making sure of something. I'm gonna leave now." Tsuki said while glaring at Maki.

Maki gulped as Tsuki said that last sentence. Tsuki left the canteen quietly leaving Maki wondering why his attitude

towards him was different than Yuri's.

* Bento means packed lunch

* Onee-sama and onee-chan means older sister

*end of chapter 3*