Frightened like a little fawn,

staring as the headlights shine.

I don't know what would happen,

if I hadn't said that you were mine.

I feel as if you aren't quite sure

of what to do when you're alone,

but don't be scared, I'll be home soon

and we always have the phone.

I'll talk you down from any ledge

the best way I know how:

with encouragement and love,

even if I'm not there right now.

So listen to the words I say,

let them soothe you, if you will.

Know that when I'm finally home,

I know my role to fill.

I will hold you and guide you

and stay right by your side.

I know it's a bumpy one,

but I'm still here for the ride.

Please don't doubt that these feelings are true.

I care very much about me and you.

"I've Got You, Don't Worry"


Devin Liotta