Prologue: Ryna

"Come on, Ryna!" my sister hisses, pulling me down the dark tunnel.

"Where are we going?" I ask, stumbling as she pulls me down long, black corridors. Celina doesn't respond.

"You're hurting me!" I cry, twisting in her grip. She stops, facing me.

"Ryna, those people killed Mom, and now they're coming back for us. We have to get away, or they will separate us." She explains, pulling me even faster down the hall. I struggle to keep up with her, my legs sore and my heart pounding. We both turn around to see if anyone is following us, and behind us is a tall, looming figure. Celina begins to sprint, but I can't move, not anymore. I'm scared and tired and confused, and I can't do it anymore. The figure gets closer and grabs my sister, pulling her away from me. I stay still, blood rushing in my ears. Celina struggles with the mysterious person, trying to twist out of their grip. I look up at the person, who has a light in their other hand. It's actually a boy, not much older than my sister. He has dark hair, and brown eyes. I stand there, taking everything in, too scared to move.

"Ryna, run!" Celina screams, still struggling to get free. My sister's voice reaches out and drags me back into reality. I begin to run, the air almost pushing me forward. I run to the end of the tunnel, but a guard is waiting there and grabs me.

"Ryna!" my sister screams, trying to escape her captor.

"Celina!" I yell. The man who grabbed me puts his hand over my mouth, and I bite him, still trying to get back to Celina. The guard curses, wiping his hand on his pants. He grips me tighter, pulling me down the hall. I stamp on his feet, trying to get free.

"Stupid brat! Didn't your mother teach you to respect your elders?" he spits out, spraying my hair with spitty foam.

"My mother is dead." I whisper,

"Aww, poor little girl." he says nastily. "You two won't be apart for long." My eyes widen, and we continue down the dark, ongoing tunnels for what seems to be an eternity.