Chapter 5:

I wake up to the creaking of a door. I sit straight up, wondering whom it could be. Light steams through the door, sending the shadows of the prison bars flying across the floor. A large shadow looms over the prison, sending shivers down my spine.

"The Commander wants to see you in his office." The deep voice says.

"Me?" I ask.

"You. Get up." The voice snarls, unlocking my cage. He clips a pair of handcuffs over my wrists and pushes me out of the room. The door slams shut and he leads me down the halls, winding around corners and up several flights of steps.

"Why does he want to see me?" I demand as he shoves me towards a large metal door. He enters a code in the keypad by the side and the doors slide open, and he pushes me into the light.

I blink furiously, the bright, unnaturally white light blinding me. As my eyes adjust to the light, I look around me. We are in one of the chaser's buildings, the shiny metal ones with lots of windows. It is a much larger version of the chasers quarters I've seen in the past, with lots of offices and interrogation rooms. They are all numbered. We stop at 107. The guard steers me into the room and closes the door.

"Sit." he snaps, pointing to a chair in front of a desk. I sit down, placing my handcuffed wrists in my lap. "The Commander will see you now." The guard opens the door, letting in a tall man with dark hair and clear blue eyes.

"Leave us." The man says, and the guard shuts the door with a click.

"I am Commander Isaac Hawthorne, as you may already know." his voice is calm and assertive, but underneath the formality, his tone is threatening.

"'I don't think we've met. You must be Celina." he continues, smiling coldly.

"I do believe I had the pleasure of meeting your sister… Ryna?" he continues. I grit my teeth. He's baiting me. Daring me to attack him.

"That's correct." I reply stiffly. Chasers and their stupid formalities. The Commander begins to circle me, like a vulture settling down on its meal.

"Water. We only have one left, now. " he says, murmuring to himself. Then there's a bang on the door.

"Come in." Isaac says calmly.

"I've got him, sir." A girl says, shoving Seth into the room. Seth trips and falls on his knees, wincing. I look at her, thinking she's awfully short to be a chaser. She can't be much taller than 4' 11.

"Thank you, Amelia. You can go now."

"Have fun, Seth." she says, waving at him mockingly before shutting the door.

"Get up." Commander Isaac snaps at Seth, looking at him in disgust. Seth pushes himself up to his feet, and faces Isaac. His hair falls into his eyes and even though he looks calm, I can see his fingers shaking.

"Sit." Commander Isaac says, pointing to the chair next to me. Seth walks over and sits down next to me, curling his hands into fists, probably to keep them from shaking. The Commander walks over to us and pulls a key out of his pocket.

"I'm going to unlock you both, because there is no way either of you could escape with me here. Understood?" he asks, and I nod, even though his statement is completely false. He pulls my hands up on the desk and unlocks the handcuffs. I rub my wrists, pulling them back into my lap. Then he unlocks Seth's. Seth pulls his hands away as soon as the handcuffs are gone and puts them at his sides. I turn my attention back to Isaac, wondering why he brought us here.

"We've caught the three of you. There' s only one left. Do you know anything about his whereabouts?" Isaac says, leaning across the desk.

"The earth controller is a he?" I ask, mildly interested.

"Don't play stupid. Where is he?" Isaac snarls.

"Look, I have no clue where the earth controller is. Even if I did, I wouldn't tell you. I'm not going to sell out my own people." I inform him, and notice Seth wince out of the corner of my eye.

"Fine. Do you know the whereabouts of any other gifteds?"

"No." I snap.

"You've never met or heard about any other gifteds?" he persists, glaring at me.

"I don't know any other gifteds except for Seth." I reply sharply. Isaac glares at Seth, who stares at his feet, not talking.

"Oh, right. He's your son. I can see the family resemblance." I remark. Isaac slams his hands down on the table, glowering at me.

"Seth is no son of mine." he snarls. Then I hear yells and running feet and try to look through the room's windows, but I can't see a thing. Then the door opens and a chaser steps in, looking slightly panicked.

"Commander, we've got a problem." The chaser says. I sit up, wondering, what the problem is.

"Several pipes are leaking in the wall between of rooms 106 and 107."

"You idiot!" The Commander yells. The chaser stares at him in confusion.

"Oh. The water girl…" The chaser says, his face falling in horror. They mean me.

I focus, imagining all the water coming through the wall and into the room. Pulling it towards me. The water thrusts itself through the wall, splashing at our feet. I continue to concentrate, imagining the pipes bursting, flooding the room. I hear a pop, and then rushing water. It's working. I will the water to rise, until it almost reaches my waist.

"Don't let her escape!" The Commander yells, trying to run towards me and failing. I make the water around his feet rise, sending him flying into the air, and eventually crashing back down. I force the water to part, leaving an escape route towards the door.

"Are you insane?!" Seth yells.

"What's wrong?" I snap.

"The ceiling is going to collapse!" he shouts. I mentally slap myself. I should have thought of that before I wrecked their wall.

"Get them!" Commander Isaac roars, bits of dust crumbling from the ceiling and speckling his dark hair with white.

I begin to sprint, passing through the doorway and I'm almost to the exit when I stop. When I came here I had a bag full of my stuff. I remember them putting it in one of their rooms…number 57. I sprint back down the hall, counting as I pass doors. 54…55…56...

I fling open the door, searching for my backpack. I open the closet and cupboard, and frantically open random desk drawers, even ones that are too small to be holding my stuff. There's one on the bottom that looks big enough to hold my bag. I yank on the handle, but it won't open. It's locked. I open several of the smaller drawers, searching for a key. I find a key ring in the smallest drawer, and I quickly try to unlock the drawer. After trying several keys, I hear a click.

I wrench it open, hoping this wasn't all for nothing. Inside is my backpack, it's familiar, olive green fabric squashed inside the drawer. I pull it out, throw it on, and run, thinking it's a miracle that no one has caught me yet. The chasers are probably busy with the whole our-ceiling-is-going-to-collapse thing.

I sprint down the hall, keeping my eyes on the door. All that matters right now is getting out. Then I feel someone's hand grab my wrist and I stop, spinning around to see who it is.

It's Seth.

"What are you doing here?" I hiss, trying to pull my hand from his grip.

"Let me come with you. If I stay, they'll put me back in jail." he says, looking me in the eye.

"And why would I do anything to help you?" I demand angrily.

"Because we're safer together than we are alone." he says. I stand in silence, contemplating what he said. I look around nervously, hoping no one's coming. I face him. He's quite a bit taller that me… I have to look up slightly when I'm talking to him.

"Fine." I say hastily, pulling my hand away. "Let's go."