Shin POV

" dead ?" seing my dead body i can make sure its my body because it has a blue hair colour and im the only one in this town who has that hair colour.A riped school uniform a bleding head and a cut off hand wow this fucked up...

"So.. what im dead now ?" huh well looks like im a ghost my black eyes spot a guy that standing not so far from me mayne i should talk to him "Nah what am i thinking im dead no way can he hear me or can he?" with a closer inspection i see him weartng a blue school-like uniform with a pimpy concentration broke as he glared at me, he glared at me with a blood red glare felt like a knife in my eyes its damn sharp Seing that he could see me i walked near him

"Who are you ?" i just put his concentration back to the ground and then looked back at me with a lighter look on his eyes and he said

Anjiro POV

"My name is Anjiro Hakaru a demon hunter" Giving him a smile afterwards.

"A demon hunter ?" i noded my head in reply on his question his face has a puzzled look then he asked me again "Are you by any chance on crack" i laughed a little and answered

"No im not on crack but i do enjoy a fine coccaine" Hearing that surprised him he quickly responds "Okay whats a demon hunter ?"

"Well let me explain it to you then but first can i get information about yourself first ?" saying that while reaching out my hand

"what for CrackMan" saying that while reaching out to my hand and gave me a handshake

"Its not nice calling someone you barely know Crackman and i use coccaine and you wont regret telling me. Besides your already dead whats there to regret" saying that wit my hands up and smiling after that he answered

"The name is Shin Kagema 18 years old highschool student"saying that with an unsure voice

"Well then shin, i`ll tell you the story behind your death and my you know im a demon hunter ,as i mentioned earlier. A job of a demon hunter is to kill demon just as it demon hunter is asgined to a diffrent location, as you can see im asigned about your death, there was a demon nearby so i had to chase it down, the goose chase ended at the back of your school. The demon was strong so i had to use my special move to kill special move concludes a high range of area i didnt noticed you were there so you got caught up in the attack. and the last thing i knew after killing the demon you were already dead."saying that lightly while pating him on the shoulder

"I dont understand.A demon so you were serious and not on crack ?" i tilted my head as in a no "Okay where's the proof that your a demon hunter" 'damn this guy is stuborn as hell'

"Okay fine ,why dont you look at your dead body then"pointing at his dead body

After that he takes a closer look at his body and looks confused

"What's wrong with it"looking even more confused

"So tell me shin what could your cause of death be ?" he looks surprised

"Um..uh i dont know.I wasn't dead naturally that's for sure" I was half surprised and amazed at the same time he looks like a dimwitt but is acctualy smart "Why is that ?" he replied while still looking at his body "My arm got cut off do you expect a heart attack could do that" i laughed a little."And my school uniform is riped plus theres blood from my somebody with a sword can do this"

I claped my hands in an array of amusment "Good your smarter than you right about the killer having a sword—"

"But you dont have a sword your just a pimpy looking student" While pointing his fingers at eyes twitch hearing the word 'Pimpy looking' i dont look like a pimp but i stayed calm and answer "Oh really are you sure i dont have a sword ?"

Shin POV

"Dude i might look stupid but im not blind" Saying that sarcasticly since i made sure he doesnt have a sowrd

"Just watch" He reaches out his right arm he opened his palm and a glow of light appeared in his palm as i watch the light it took form of a he closes his palm the light turned in to a sword.A real sword in his hands i just stood there watching in amusment

"So you wanna be a demon hunter ?" he asked me pointing his sword at me

"Um can you put down your sword first i cant concentrate like this" while putting his sword down a little with my that he puts the sword away and the sword turned into light again

"So what will it be"He glared at me is smile faded,and his knife-eye went in to action i glared back but he wasnt fazed

"okay i guess il be a demon hunter" i just said that out of fear

"Okay good" after saying that he grabed my tie

"What are you-" Before i finished saying that he ran with a monster speed and said

"Hang on were about to get to the grate city" Hearing that i made him let go of his arm in my tie and i grabed his pimp hat after that he got faster and i couldn't see a thing but i heard him yell "GRATE CITY HERE WE COME"