She stumbled backwards until she collided with the rough cave wall.

What was going on?

Her mouth was open in a soundless scream and her terror filled eyes were fixated on the sight just four feet in front of her.

It was a rotting and maggot infested leg wearing a unique blue and yellow sneaker with some symbol etched onto the side. The white mass of maggots writhed and squirmed beneath the skin causing the leg to pulsate in a gross parody of life. She could almost hear the sound of their slimy bodies sliding past one another as they rushed to eat their fill of the putrid flesh.

This couldn't be real.

Her eyes followed a thin trail of the larvae to what could have once passed as a human torso. It was even more invested than the leg. A cavity were the heart had been was filled with a slithering mass and the place where the leg had been brutally removed was issuing a thin stream of maggots. Apparently the leg that rested so close to the girl had been recently moved. Most of the skin was ripped off and was folded in a messy pile on either side of the torso. More maggots as white as the broken ribs that were thrust into the air would rise up from the pile before vanishing down some obscure twist of skin.


The girl choked back a blood curdling scream as she recoiled from a maggot that had crawled towards her from that distinctive sneaker, her horror amplified by her vermiphobia. This all had to be some sort of sick nightmare or a horrible joke, anything that meant this wasn't happening. The girl slammed her eyes shut in a vain attempt to block the terrible visage that seemed to have seared itself onto the insides of her eyelids. The glistening maggots weren't even the worst part.

She recognized that sneaker and had known who it had belonged to.