A total game of chance, faith, and probability. No room for inevitabilities. It's a game of technique,

"A game of thrill."

True, but it also depends on skill.

"It's an art all within the confines of your mind. Concentration is key, so with focus it will come to you with ease."

The very thought of this glorious simplicity intrigued me deeply, I whispered closely to his ear "Would you like to play cards with me?"

He pulls out a deck of cards, from his sleeves and spreads them out for my eyes to see.

"My cards are on the table, therefore your answer remains to be seen"

I look him in the eyes unsure if he knew the effect of his words, I take his hands in mine and on the cards we took an oath.

"I play to win, My darling.. So hold my feelings sacred, and don't be afraid to hold me close"