Loud shrieks and caaws filled my ears as we were swallowed up by a monstrous glass dome. Birds of all kinds swept down on us, or scattered away from us. A curling ramp rose up into the dome, where the majority of the birds spent their time and made their homes. in the center, at the base, there was a white tent housing four research desks.

"Marvin, Vincent, and Jennete, I presume?" Mike asked almost apathetically.

"Just because you sound and act like a professional, kid, doesn't mean we think you are one." the red headed middle aged woman answered narcissistically. Mike's shoulders immediately tensed up, at first I thought he was angered, but when he turned his back to the woman subsequently facing me, I noticed his bottom lip poke out in a pout before he sulked off into the corner of the tent. A bubble of laughter rose from the pit of my stomach, and I had some difficulty suppressing it from the already ego-wounded detective.

"He is not just acting, ma'am. He is a professional," the police chief sighed after he followed us into the tent. Mike straightened up a bit.

"Well then, the qualifications must have dropped significantly." the red witch huffed, causing Mike to slump again. The sullen police chief shook his head and continued on.

"We have a few questions about your friend who died last night." the droopy man mumbled.

"WHAT!? Let me guess, you think WE had something to do with it!" red witch burst out, "Well let me tell you..."

"Aww come on Jennette, they are just doing their job," a solid man with sandy hair interjected, "I'm Vincent."


"Hello, Vincent." Kent interrupted my greeting. "I'm Kent. The guy sulking in the corner is Mike. You must be Marvin, then?" Kenny directed his question to the stout man who had away from the crowd. The man simply grunted in reply.

"And I'm-"

"So, can the three of you tell us more about your relationships with the victim?" this time it was Mike who spoke above me. That was going to get annoying fast...

"Let the poor girl talk!" Vincent chuckled good heartedly, "your name, little one?"

Finally. I smiled, "I'm E-"

"She's Ellie. And unimportant. What is important, however, are your relations to the victim." Mike interrupted yet again. That was officially annoying.

"That's not-" I tried again.

"He and Jennette were lovers," the soft-spoken Marvin offered, " and he and I were very close." Everyone the red witch's face brightened to the shade of her hair.

"And you, Vincent?" Mike redirected the attention to Vincent.

"I'm the back-up friend," he chuckled.

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