Selena seemed at peace as she sat on her balcony, bathed in the moonlight as she played her flute to the small tank of eels next to her. Her eyes were closed contently as she ignored all the prostitutes on the street below her, all the hobos that begged in the gutters for money and all the drunks that staggered across the road from the pub to their homes. Selena couldn't stand the ugliness of the world that she lived in and she knew she couldn't always drown it out with her music and escape into her own world. Just thinking about it made her change her tune to a more threatening one. Her light blue hair blue in the cool evening breeze as a cloud briefly passed across the moon, blacking out the moonlight momentarily. She paused when she heard someone call her name and warily opened her sea green eyes. She carefully looked over the balcony and sighed tiredly as she saw her unwanted admirer, drunk and not in his right mind.

"I have something ta tell ya!" he hiccupped and Selena rolled her eyes with a tired groan "I need ta see ya face ta face!"

His swaggering made Selena uneasy and she sighed exasperatedly, looking at her pet eels with a raised eyebrow.

"Do you see what I had to deal with for the past four years?" she said and leaned over to call down to the swaggering blonde "I shall not let a drunkard into my home."

There was a loud hiccup and the man held his bottle up to her.

"I wanna tell ya that I love ya and I wanna marry ya!" he yelled and Selena sighed, standing up and picking her tank of eels "I mean it! You are the cause of ma heartbeat!"

"Oh honestly," Selena muttered under her breath and carried her eels back inside her bedroom.

Selena closed her window doors irritably with a frustrated grunt after she placed her eels on her desk. She sat down in front of them and folded her arms as they coiled around one another before one settled on the sand bed and began to sleep. The others joined him eventually and Selena sighed softly, leaning back.

"Sometimes I think you guys are the only friends I've got," she murmured and stroked her flute sadly with a smile "You're a close friend too."

Selena's parents had died when she was only eight years old. She had lived alone with the neighbours until she was old enough to move out and live in a small home by herself. Selena found out that she didn't fit in easily with the other girls. She had only caught one person's eye but discovered him to be rather dull and rejected him in the nicest way possible. But he kept on coming to her, begging for another chance. Every day got more tiring and Selena's rejections got more violent and aggressive. Selena swore that she was going to kill the annoying little bastard and very soon. Taking a deep calm breath, Selena sat away from her eels and sighed. She'll endure. With a firm nod, she began unlacing her bodice to change into her nightdress.