Sukeo: (see's mother dead on the ground) mom mom NOOOOO NOOOOO! (runs to his mother and holds her).

(ten years later)

old lady: help help!

theif: shut up bitch (grabs purse).

Sukeo: don't worry the 14 year savior sukeo geoki is here to save you.

theif: (smacks sukeo with gun and the theif runs).

Sukeo: oh damn it i8 let him get away.

old lady: you were a great help (sarcasm).

Sukeo: shut up lady.

old lady: (smacks him) you youth have no respect. (walks away).

Sukeo: man i'm no good at this.

Adeo: (walks to sukeo) you know you have a great heart by your fighting skills suck alot i could train you

Sukeo: (looks at the old man) i don't think a old man is going to help me get any better at fighting.

Adeo: (flicks air and destorys a mountain) how about now.


Adeo: great but first we need to find out your element type.

Sukeo: element type?

Adeo: it's called shenkon it's when you take your physical and mental energy to control an certain element that is stored in your soul.

Sukeo cool! whats mine whats mine?

Adeo: (looks at sukeo) your fire.

Sukeo: how could you tell.

Adeo: when your skilled enough you could see people's different aura you have a flame aura.

Sukeo: so how do i use fire.

Adeo: (grabs sukeo and runs to a top of vocano).

Sukeo: what are we doing up.

Adeo: (pushes sukeo into the vocano).

Sukeo: WHAT ARE YOU DOING I'M GOING TO DIEEEEEEEEEE! (screams while falling).

Adeo: fire is first built apon rage think about somthing that will made you upset for years and control the rage into fire if you don't you'll die.

Sukeo: (has a flash back of his mother dead) mom... (falls in the lava and no trace of him is left).

Adeo: i guess he just couldn't do it (starts to walk away).

(the vocano erupts )

Sukeo: (jumps out of the vocano unharmed).

Adeo: so you've done it.

Sukeo: yep (blast fire in the air).

Adeo: thats good your real training starts now.

Sukeo: I'm ready (smiles).

( The end, a new chapter will come out everyweek most likely on friday and tuesdays).