Violetta: (Throws a purple blaast at hell).

Hell: (Wind covers her body from being it).

Sukeo: That blast what kind of Shenkon is that.

Kenryo: It's poison.

Sukeo: Poison.

Kenryo: Not only does it hurt when it hits you but it spreads through your body and depending on how strong the user is it can either be extreamly painful to bear or Deadly.

Hell: (Lifts up up hand and swings it).

Violetta: (Gets cut in the face instantly) Damn.

Hell: I could have cut your head of right there no that you have seen my strength you should just give up.

Violetta: As if (turns invicible).

Sukeo: How could she do that?

Kenryo: Just because you have a certain element doesn't mean you can't learn a few tricks.

Hell: Thats really cute but... (Wind hit's violetta and she fly's back no longer invicible) those who have the four natural elements fire,wind,earth and water can sense a person's shenkon.

Sukeo: Fire that means i could do that too.

Violetta: Damn how about this (before she can move a cuts happen all over her body and she's bleeding alot). AHHHH!

Sukeo: Violetta hurt do somthing

Kenryo: She said for none of us to get in her way so we won't.

Sukeo: Who cares she's going to die at this rate.

Kenryo: Then she'll die with the pride of a warrior.


Kenryo:... (looks down).

Kento: (Thinks) Sukeo you.

Hell: It's about time you died violettab (raises arm).

Sukeo: (flys and punches Hell in the fast).

Hell: (Falls back).

Sukeo: I can't let violetta die.

Violetta: (barley able to move) Sukeo..

Hell: She said for nobody to do anything why are you helpng?

Sukeo: Like a give a crap she's my friend and i'm not going to let her die.

Hell: But then you will die.

Sukeo: If i save her i'll die with a smile on my face (grins).

Hell: (eyes open wide).

Kento: (jumps next to sukeo) she's our friend so we won't let her die.

Violetta: (crys) Hell i'm so sorry i never ment to hurt you i swear i was young and stupid i didn't know any better and for kiling my dad I FORGIV YOU!

Hell: (Eyes widen more).

Sukeo: So come on let's do this

Hell: Forget it (closes all of violetta's wounds).

Sukeo: Huh.

Hell: I don't care anymore you've won.

Sukeo: You can't just leave after all you did.

Hell: What is your name boy.

Sukeo: Sukeo Geoki.

Hell: i kinda like you Sukeo.

Sukeo: (blushing).

Violetta: (faints).

Sukeo: violetta.

Hell: she'll be fine we'll i must get going now.

Kenryo: Wait you didn't just come to face violetta you were sent by who?

Hell: Kukaru the deadly ninja

Kenryo: (eyes open wide).

Hell: Well catch you guys later (flys off).

Kenryo: (shocked) This job is too dangerous for them.