My Bleeding Rose O, my bleeding rose, when you came from haven, all the choirs of the angels sung and rejoiced! For the savior has been born! O, my bleeding rose, you've taught us so much. You've taught us how to pray and how to be kind others. O, my bleeding rose, you are person of love and compassion. You've helped others in need. O, my bleeding rose, you work many miracles. You healed the sick and blind, made the dead living, made the paralyzed moveable, turned water into wine, and so much more. O, my bleeding rose, you gave us our first pope. You gave Peter {name meaning "the rock"} the key to the church and named him our pope. O, my bleeding rose, you gave your life up to save us from our sins. You suffered greatly for us, for our mistakes. If only they knew who were. I'm sure they would have treated you different. They wouldn't have beaten or have mocked you. Of course, you knew you it had to be done. You knew if you didn't do it, we would be doomed by our sins. A last you defeated death itself and saved us all! For it was far from the end! You rose from the dead in three days and walked along the living! O Jesus, I admire so! You shed your blood for me, so I wouldn't be doomed by my sins. You are like a rare, red, rose in garden of weeds. For that, you'll always be my bleeding rose.

Yeah, so it's kind of written like a paragraph. Sorry if it's hard to read. Well, maybe not my best but I'll still post it and wait. I'll see how everything goes.

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