Author's Notes: First time writing in 2nd person. It's hard! I kept on switching to 1st person accidentally. Might write more of these. Might not. Tell me in reviews, please!

You're in your bedroom lying on your bed. You ponder about your crush. Your crush is so beautiful. Your crush is so smart and witty. Your crush is so kind and friendly. You love your crush.

There's definitely nothing that can make you stop loving your crush. Well, that's what you think.

You decide it's time to turn off the lights and catch some sleep for the night. After turning off the lights, you pull the covers over your body and stare at your ceiling for a while. You feel uncomfortable lying on your back so you turn over to your right. The window is facing you now.

You realize that you didn't close the curtains, but it's alright because the window gives a calming effect for you. You stare outside at the adjacent apartments near your window. Some lights are off and some are still on.

You fall into deep sleep and wake up a couple of hours left in the same position as before. You look at your alarm clock and it says it's 4 o' clock in the morning. You yawn and continue to watch the night view outside your window.

This time, all but one of the lights are off. The one on is directly in front of your window and you can see a small light glowing. It seems as if there is a human there right beside the lamp, doing the same as you, watching the view outside. But you ignore that because your eyes are hazy from sleeping. You walk up, close your curtains and fall into sleep once again.

Your alarm wakes you up at precisely 8 o' clock and you get up to get ready. You finish all your morning tasks and eat your breakfast with your mother.

You start walking to school by then and you hear weird sounds, almost like a DSLR camera's shutter sound. But you ignore that. Now, you are almost at school. The strange sound gets louder and some flash blinds your eyes. You run to school annoyed by the sounds and flashes.

You arrive to gym class first and undress in the changing rooms. The camera sounds and flashes are gone completely so you sigh in relief. Whatever that was, was probably your imagination, you think.

After changing into your gym uniform, you go out to the gymnasium and wait for your teacher to start the class. The class is excruciating and tiring as usual. You are sweating like a hyena (or whatever animal that sweats a lot).

You jog back into the changing rooms to get your towel and wipe that sweat off. After wiping your sweat off, you dump your wet towel on a rack and continue changing out of your uniform. You are stripping off your shirt and you reach for your clothes. You change into your normal sweatshirt and take off your gym shorts and decide that your undergarments are too drenched in sweat. You go in for a shower and you hang your change of clothes outside of the shower door.

Once you come out of the shower, you have a large towel wrapped around your body. You see your classmates in the change room panicking. They mention that someone of the opposite gender was seen inside the change rooms but they weren't sure who it was.

You widen your eyes and quickly find your dry change of clothes to get into. Shirt? Check. Hoodie? Check. Socks? Check. Undergarments… WHAT?! Where are they?, you wonder while panicking. "What's going on?! Where are they?" You almost shout.

Your best friend comes over and says that the opposite gender intruder was lurking in the shower rooms, while you were the only one in there at the time. You gasp and ask about how the intruder looks. Your best friend scrunches up their face and says slowly, "Uh, the intruder had a mask on but their body and hairstyle doesn't look like our gender."

You ask your friend to pass your gym shorts to you. You wear your gym shorts as your undergarments instead. You are sad as you pull up your pants. You wonder if your intruder was responsible for your missing undergarments.

Another class passes by soon and it is lunch. You eat alone on the staircase because you told your friends you needed to study for your math test that's in fifth period. You buy cafeteria food today, which are fries, a chicken sandwich, a salad and a carton of chocolate milk. You start eating the sandwich as you review some inverse functions. You do some questions while you munch on salad. You finish the salad and eat some fries. You leave your sandwich unfinished and drink some chocolate milk.

You get stuck on a practice question so you bring your textbook with you to find one of your seniors from math club. You leave everything there as it is. After all, who would steal half-eaten food?

After asking Xiao Chin Chu, the math God, you come back to your eating station and you find that your sandwich has been eaten completely and most of the fries were eaten. You take a look inside the carton of chocolate milk and see that someone drank most of it too. You widen your eyes and look around the staircase area.

The food thief must be nearby! You pack up your things and throw away the uneaten food because you just lost your appetite.

You run around, with a functions textbook in your arms. You look around. There are five people nearby. Two are grade nines, one is a science teacher you had in grade ten, one is your crush…You perk up at the sight of your crush! Oh god, you think, what a wonderful sight!

And the last person is your worst enemy. The only person who beat you in the physics exam, Fak In Chao. You glare at Fak with evil intentions. The evil stalker must be Fak! You rush up to the kid, Fak.

"Hey Fak! Have you been stealing my belongings today?!" You ask, almost regretting this.

"No! I did not do 'dis! What are yah talkin' about?"

"Oh okay." You reply and leave the crime scene, shooting a lovingly look to your crush who is studying his "Lord of the Mosquitos" novel. You stare at your crush's beautiful face. There is a chocolate milk mustache on your crush's lips. Oh how adorable, you think. And at that very moment, you look down and see that they only have a carton of white milk.

You stop thinking and widen your eyes.

Was it your crush that had been doing such crazy things to you today? No, it couldn't possibly be! You deny this completely and are about to walk away but suddenly, you hear your crush speak in their glorious, angelic voice. They call for you by your name, in such a tender timbre in their voice. You swoon.

"Can I talk to you?" your crush speaks and you nod shyly. You and your crush walk together in silence to a corner where nobody else can hear you two talk.

"Hi…" You shyly greet your crush. "What's up?"

"I want you to know something," Your crush replies and says your name again from the roll of their tongue. You look up at your crush at full attention.

"What is it?" You reply, yearning for the answer.

"I love you…No, I want you all to myself. I only want you and nobody else." They speak and you swoon again. But you shiver up when your crush adds on, "No, I don't even need my family or my friends. JUST YOU. I NEED YOU IN MY LIFE."

You start to ponder if your crush might be just a bit psychotic or obsessive. You shake those thoughts away and reply slowly, "I like you too but are you seriously going to ditch your family and friends?"

"Yeah, who needs them. All we need is us. I have the perfect solution for that…" Your crush says cheekily and slowly brings up two pills that say "Warning: CN" on them

"Is that…cyanide?" You ask, sweat rolling off your forehead and a nervous vibration in your voice. Your voice gets even more shaky when your crush hands the pill to you.

"W-What else could it be, baby?!" Your crush replies, now a crazy timbre in their voice. Their smile grows into a creepy one like the Joker from Batman.

You reject it like the sane person you are and you smile nicely at your crush. You try and say this patiently and calmly but your crush's smile is starting to freak the heck out of you.

You see your crush put the Cyanide pill in their mouth. Your eyes widen and you instantly slap their face but the pill is still in the mouth!

Your crush swallows it.

Before you know it, the police and ambulance arrives. They are desperately trying to save your crush but it was too late.

You mentally cry for the rest of the school day in torturous chemistry and math classes. After the last bell rings, you are walking out the front door but the police stop you. You are asked by the police to join them on an investigation to your crush's house to find out why and how your crush obtained those cyanide pills. You agree to this. If you don't agree, just stop reading this story.

You sit in the police car depressed while you stare outside at the rainy skies. It truly is a strange day, you think to yourself. You wonder if your crush was the one who stole your undergarments and your sandwich. You think that you are probably right.

The police car is finally at your crush's apartment. You get off the car and solemnly walk with the police people into the lobby. The elevator feels like it's taking forever but it comes eventually. No one is home so the police intrudes without asking.

You run to your crush's bedroom and you're about open the door but you hesitate. What could be behind those doors? You open it anyways and you fall back the moment you see it.

There are photos of you everywhere. Mostly candid and some are cropped out from group photos that you took with friends that were posted onto Facebook. It is creepy. You look around even more and notice that your crush made sixteen voodoo dolls. Eight represented you and eight represented your crush. You drop them immediately. You look out the window of your crush. There is a small glass table beside the window with the lamp you saw from yesterday night. You look outside, trying to distinguish what was in front of it.

It was your window. And this is the room that you saw last night, at 4 o' clock in the morning.

You look at the walls once again. The photos ranged from a couple of days ago to fifteen years ago, when you were a baby. You wonder how your crush got those photos.

You feel slightly appreciated by your crush's love towards you. But then again, most of you is creeped out.

The police tell you hack into your crush's computer. You do so and saw that he purchased a bottle of Cyanide pills online and also a couple of knives. You back away and bump into his bed. You fall on it and get up immediately. You feel something odd under the covers so you pull it out.

It is a photo album. You open it because the police say this is valuable evidence. You shrug and agree. Inside it, are pictures of your friends and family neatly placed in it. Yes, "your". Not your crush's.

You look at it and read the captions unaware of what they say. Written below them are ideas for a perfect murder. The trick, the materials, and the time to do this crime. You drop it immediately and run out of the apartment, scarred for life.

The police don't stop you.

Suddenly, a hand touches your shoulder.

You turn out and it's your crush who simply says "Hi." with a creepy look on his face.