Chapter 1

Logan rushes the instructor. Her sleek dark brown hair pulled back in an elastic. Her pale arms blocking the attacks from the opponent. Legs high kicking and trying to trip each other by hooking the back of each others knees. Dalia blocks the attacks and calls and end to sparring.

The two women bowed Logan picked up her water bottle and took a gulp.

"Your skills are getting more and more impressive Logan," Dalia complemented.

"Hey most girls want to take ballet i pick combat training instead." Logan said taking another drink. "Dad's money was well spent" with a smile.

"Tell your father that, maybe he'll give me a raise," Dalia said with a smile.

"If he'd listen to me on that I would," Logan reassured her seriously. "Your the best trainer I've ever had,"

"Well thank you" Dalia said with a slight smile and sat beside the younger girl.

"I got to go dad wants to go out for dinner tonight, Something about showing me off to the kids of the people he works with or something, or in other words using me as a tool to win favor with the executives." Logan sighed and stood up walking out of the training room.

"Goodbye, Logan, try to enjoy it if you can your dads one of the richest children in this city there's gotta be some perks," Dalia said wiping some sweat off of her tan forehead .

Logan nodded opened the door and headed out to her car to take a shower before the hellacious even her father had planned.

The black haired boy caught the football and starting bolting it towards the end zone. His opposing team mates on his tail as he advanced accelerating with each second. The other boys getting farther and behind him. He reaches the end zone barely winded. The other boys groan and complain.

"hey quit whining the fact that we have this boy means that well get touch downs and win. Were a team and this boy right here could just get us to state." the coach reprimanded, and then called practice to an end.

Joey feeling high on life heads home takes a shower and dresses for the party his father was having to meet new up and coming people to she who was the best schmoozer, or at least that how Joey saw it.

The blonde teen was riffling through her closet her daddy was going to a party that Mr McFeilds was holding to get to know people on a personal level to see who they wanted to promote up in the company.

The was riffling through her collection of dresses, the different neck lines, the colors, the tool and fluff. The started riffling through them again for the 3rd time. She found 3 that could do. One gold knee length taffeta dress with slight rushing and embellished top, one green dress with a hold shoulder top with a black belt and a shinny silver Lilly accent, and the last one a blue cocktail dress with a tool skirt with black slip underneath with silver accents.

She laid them down on her bed puzzling fingers under her chin,

Hunter, the tall blonde was sitting at his father's desk working studying things that they will be studying in chemistry having already pounded what they were learning into it. Looking back at his notes from the class. While Cobey, a brunet was working on his laptop analyzing some math proofs.

Hunter ran this hand through his medium length light hair. "uhhh" he groans "umm hey whats the way to calculate PH again?"

"The negative log of the number," Cobey replied not looking up.

"Oh that's the make that the exponent thing right?" Hunter asked looking at his friend.

"Yeah" The brunet said standing, "I'm running to the machine to get a candy bar and a can of monster"

"Care to get me a bag of combos and a monster?" Hunter asked.

"No if i gotta go up top with all the ritzy people you have to go too.

Hunter stands with a sigh to his full six foot four height. "Lets go then you big baby"

"Call me a baby again and i wont help you with your science classes," Cobey threatened.

"Hey i can do most of it the math just stumps me be happy that the football team stops ragging on you if I'm around," walking to the door leaving his dads computer up.

"Oh yeah the nerd has to count on the giant to protect him. I could so kick some ass if i could. "

"Yeah ill believe that when i see it ," the bigger teen said with a laugh "lets get some junk food and see if we can avoid security for the party"

Logan stood in the corner sipping on a glass of sprite. Clad in a nice pair of a jeans and a black tank top with a green bomber jacket and stiletto boots. The one piece of "formal wear" that she actually kind of liked. The rest of it she would burn if she had the choice. She made it a point to have a bag with a pair of sneakers in it. She refused to at least drive home in them though. Her dad kept shooting her dirty looks due to her attire but she really didn't care she refused to be dressed up like a french poodle for people she didn't like.

Joey was dressed in black dress slacks and a dress shirt with a green tie and black dress shoes. He was sipping from a flask of whiskey. His dad was around somewhere he claimed that there were a few girls who he wanted them to meet, and that they would be so happy to meet him and that he could have his pick. He liked that idea. There were a few attractive girls there one was dressed like a casual rich girl would he wondered if she even really wanted to be here. There was another girl who was dressed in a blue dress that was short and showed off her thin sexy legs. She was blonde and he could hear her laugh from across the room it was light and not too high as to be annoying, but she seemed like the socialite type. He decided to approach the blonde girl.

Jordan was chatting away with a few of her friends. As Cobey a boy from her school comes up behind her and taps her on the shoulder.

"Oh Hey Joey, Do you need something?" she said with a smile.

"Not much, just to talk to you," he said laying it on thick, "how'd you know my name though?"

"I go to school with you, Joey and your dad works with my dad its me Jordan Moss,"

"Moss? So you're my dads business partners daughter?" He asked finally realizing.

"Yeah you've even talked to me before ," being good willed about it, although she starts thinking that he is either dumb or very conceited.

Realization dawns on him. "oh damn you're one of the cheerleaders at my school, too ?"

"Yup," Jordan replied feeling like crap, her self esteem plummeted due to the fact that some one who went to her school and spent most of her weekends in the same place at games.

Joey after realizing who he was talking to actually felt like shit. "I am so sorry, for some reason your face didn't I mean I didn't recognize you," I guess its the hair and makeup. I mean when i see you in your uniform and your hairs in the pony tail..."

Jordan sighed "I accept your apology," taking a sip of her her cup.

"Do you want to go outside and talk?" He asked still feeling bad about the face fopa

"I guess," Jordan said with another sigh, "lead the way,"