Chapter 3

Logan walked down the steps and sat down on the bottom one and stretched out her legs.

Hunter looked at her uncertain.

"Go a head and sit Hunt or how the hell else can we eat both ?" Logan asked motioning for him to sit down beside her.

Hunter sat down beside her step. Cobey with his back pressed into the door frame, taking mouthfuls of his drink and eating his snack.

Logan and Hunter ate their snacks quietly both eating both kinds. There shoulders and legs touching and Hunters mind buzzing at the thought of being so close to her. Her took a drink of the monster. The mostly empty can cradled between his two palms.

"Can I have some of that," Logan asked her mouth full of the taste of salt.

"huh some of what?" Hunter asked coming out of the buzzing in his mind.

"The can," she said pointing to it.

"Sure here," he brought it up over his knee and into her hands. She clasped her hand around it their skin touching. Her hands were warm on his skin as her fingers brushes against his.

She took the can and twirled it a little testing to see how much was left. She noticed that the liquid was almost gone. She pressed her lips to the can and took in a small mouth full, then handed the can back to the boy. He took it back and took a last drink finishing it off.

Logan sat back her hands palm down behind her. Hunter tossed the can into a dumpster close by.

"Two points," Logan remarked.

Hunter smiled and continued to sit beside her. About half an hour past then Logan stood . "I better head back in dad will throw a fit if I'm not inside for part of the party even though its more like hes trying to hook me up so that he can get a promotion," she sigh, "Ill see you in Class Hunter, later Cobey pleased to meet you." She then turned on her heels and headed back into the building.

"I stand corrected you may actually have a chance," Cobey said trashing his food remains, "she seems cool enough, kinda reclusive but in a sexy way."

Hunter gave him the look that a guy gives another guy if hes moving in on his claim.

"Don't take that the wrong way buddy you called dibs, I can just see it now," Cobey clarified. "Lets head back inside you got some studying if you want to hook up with her right?"

"I guess." Hunter said sliding his hand in his pocket.

"Hey honey whats up?" Mr Moss came up and approached his daughter Jordan.

"Nothing daddy," She said taking a drink of her punch.

"You don't seem to have your normal bubbly appearance," Her dad said placing his hand on her shoulder lightly and comfortingly.

"Just irritable daddy," Jordan said looking down and her shoes.

"Did something happen?" he asked gently.

"Its nothing, you don't need to worry about it daddy, it'll work out ," Jordan said, "Daddy would you be offended if I head home? I'm exactly not feeling well,"

"Sure sweety," Mr Moss said and kisses his daughters head lightly, "Feel better sweet," and lets her go.

Jordan heads out the door. Then as the leaves started rippling Jordan looked up and saw a flash of glowing green before it disintegrates into darkness.

"Weird," She muttered and got into her car and a for home.

Joey who had long since given up having any fun at the party. All he felt now was like crap. Even though he was the star football player he didn't like the hole asshole persona that typical stereotypes said he should be. He knew that there was no reason for him not to recognize the cheerleader. Recognizing names was something that his dad had implemented into him one thing that he prided himself on. He was taught to remember names to help him advance. A trait to help charisma and make people who would one day work under him like him.

He was sitting in his car at a stoplight fingers drumming against the steering wheel lightly agitatedly.

Why hadn't he remembered her name? He squeezed the wheel hard, and then hit his palm off the wheel. It was then that the earth beneath his car began to shake.

He yelped and his knuckles griped the wheel hard and he planted his feet into the floor board. The Earth continued to shake and the road seemed to arch in front of him the stoplight seeming to melting. Its luminescent rays blinking in otherworldly colors then the lights split and swirled and sputtered then started flashing on and off on and off and the earth started to seemingly shake in time with the blinking then after seemingly eternity the lights flicker slowed as did the earths contractions. Joeys heart was pounding in his chest eyes dilated and breathing erratic.

"What the hell just happened?" Joey screamed to himself. Still gripping the wheel and laid his head on the top of it trying to get his breath. The ground now still Joey tentatively slid out one foot then the other. After both his feet were firmly on the ground he places his palm down on the asphalt that was steaming whipping spirals of white. The asphalt was freezing cold, as cold as ice. It crumpled like dust in his fingers. He watched as the streetlight still swinging flickered a few times then fell from its place and the glass shattered onto the ground sending colored glass out in a pool on the ground.

Cobey and Hunter were finishing up with their "studying" Hunter packing up all the Chemistry data and Cobey backing up his laptop data.

Cobey headed out first after saying goodbye to his friend. Hunter slid his arms into the sleeves of his jacket when he heard his friend scream.. As soon as the he heard the scream Hunter bolted out of the barreling through the door almost breaking the glass in the window from the collision.

"Cobey!" Hunter called then saw it. The creature was standing perched above Cobey gnarled over pale as death. Its face was elongated with no ears with black foamy drool dripping from its fanged mouth. Its fingers black 6 inch claws. Its sinewy muscles protruding from the thin flesh. IT turned around as Hunter yelled and screamed a sound that was similar to an out of tune piccolo being played to cats who are angry in a Styrofoam room. Its two tongues dripping the foam flicked like a snake picking up a scent and its eyeless head twirled taking him in.

"Flesh of a warrior always taste better then a fallen commoner," a voice sounding of wind beating leaves and sandpaper grinding hissed stepping off of the fallen boy and stalking towards the blonde boy.

Hunter stood stock still watching as the creature started charging towards him.

"Cobey! ANYBODY!" Hunter yelled pivoting to run and then down a corridor.

It was now that Cobey managed to pull himself up and bolt off in the opposite direction. He rushes into the party room bleeding and ragged and burned from the black foam.

The crowd stairs agasp the room a dead quiet.

"Somebody there's this this thing … it it . I think it was trying to eat me its chasing my friend now you have to help me!" trying to catch his breath.

"Son you need to calm down and explain ," Mr Moss places his hand on Cobey's shoulder then feeling wetness pulled his hand away and saw the blood. "Call and ambulance this boy is bleeding,"

"Ill be fine the thing , the thing that did this its its after Hunter," Cobey screamed,

Logan then stepped up "Whats after Hunter, Cobey?"

"I ... I I'm not sure I I don't think it was human," Cobey stuttered.

"Not human? what are you talking about Cobey if this is some prank I swear to god ill rip you both a new one." Logan threatened.

"I'm telling you it its a a thing its not fucking human," Cobey stuttered

"Logan do you know this hoodlum ?" Mr Kierland asked angerly.

"Yeah hes friend with my chem partner," She explained. "Cobey take me to this thing."

"No it'll kill you," Cobey exclaimed.

"I can take care of myself just take me to the thing " Logan said stepping up.

Hunter was barreling down the hall his the thing on his heals. Black fog coming out of its mouth turning now into a more vapor like substance and becoming its own entity trying to capture him.

His sneakers biting into the carpet large body juking around corners trying to get it off its trail.

Rounding one corner her crashes right into Logan knocking her flat on her behind and him barreling on top of her catching himself on his hands and knees.

"Shit shit shit," spewed from Hunters mouth as he saw her beneath him.

"When I say so you need to roll off me to the right and then start running and looking for a something to use as a weapon," Logan's mind taped into all of her training,

"NOW!" Logan yelled as Hunter rolls off and jumps up , while Logan drives her feet into the things abdomen knocking it back, and in the propelling motion was back on her feet and started running.

"Awe two warriors twice the feeding ," its voice hissed and started after them.

"ANY IDEA WHAT THE HELL THAT THING IS?" Logan screamed at him trying to think.

"How would I know?!:" he yelled back at her running at her side.

"Were can we find a knife or something?" Logan yelled at him glad she had changed out her converse earlier.

"Maybe a letter opener?" He suggested as the thing lunged at his calves.

Logan drove her foot into the connection spot right below its head with a spinning side kick. Its head fell off and the black fog started foaming out of the stump were its head was.

"WHAT THE HELL?" Logan screamed eyes wide stopped dead in her tracks.

Hunter turns around grabs her around her arm and drags her for a few feet before she realizes to run again.

"I I Just took that things head off whys it still coming after us?" She yelled at him some of the black ickyness had warped itself around her leg and burned into her skin but as her adrenaline levels rose she couldn't feel anything.

Its black fog was becoming corporeal around its body forming what looked to me extra legs long black spindly one that made it resemble a spider.

Hunter whipped down a corner still having a hold of her arm. He pulled her into an office and yanked out a letter opener as the thing entered the room its new extra legs that served as a means of propulsion were now used as delicate length limbs that were closing around the door frame blocking any form of escape.

Hunter lunged and berried the letter opener deep into its sternum through its humanoid ribs. The creature made a sound that could only be described as a scream of hell. From the wound oozed more blackness that cut and burned his skin the creature wavered from side to side still screaming Logan had her hands clasped over her ears.

The creature started to appear to be burning like red ashes falling off of a burnt piece of paper falling apart and blowing in the wind. The body crumples in on its self like the ash until it leave nothing but what appeared to be a black moldy heart that then exploded sending the blackness everywhere in the room. With the materials steaming from the acidic ick Logan took a deep breath and slid down the wall then let it out slow.

"What just happened?" She asked looking up at him from her sitting position.

"I don't know, but I think we killed it," How are we going to explain any of that to the adults?" she asked and starts rubbing her temples.

"I don't know but at least we know that we aren't crazy because each other saw that right?" Hunter asked.

Logan nods. "at least there's that not that it helps much,"