The hilly treetops etch many black scrawls across the pale surface of the full moon.

Clear open space of the sky it becomes its own.

It's other worldly and strange

Floating through time and space.

Threatening to leave.

To vanish.


Speeding cars stream by along the freeway, gliding under the glow...

How small we are.

Our presence is insignificant.

Trees continue to form a tumbleweed entanglement.

Panicking themselves.

My mind is racing and my eyes are squeezing shut.

Opening my eyes the moon is still there, ducking in and out from behind trees.

Hide and go seek.

Lets play.

The moon seems to burn a hole into the sky.

Its smoke encircling it and combining with the navy gray sky around it.

It caves into the outside space.


Beyond my realm of comprehension.

It makes my heart drop.

Mind dizzy.

And then without a trace it vanishes...

Diminishing into the watercolors of blue and black.

Forcing the question that was always prominent, "Was it ever there?"