"You know I don't like secrets Jane, now what are you not telling me?"

A distinctly, yet soothing and demanding voice spoke. It came from the mouth of an old, yet fit mawearing grey hair, perfectly combed, and wearing a suit.

"I don't like secrets, no one should. I just don't understand what you're keeping from me. I just want to know who's too get to Krarr."

"I know how. So do you."

The woman, Jane, also in a suit, brown hair behind her back, stared at the President.

"I would never let it come to that."

"I'm afraid it has. I made the scalp. Sir, I still don't see why the mutants have to be wiped out."

"They're a threat. To us."

"We're rounding them up like cattle. Putting them in camps. Killing them. Women, children..It it doesn't seem right."

"Have you read the stories Jane? The old fables? Did you hear the one... what was it? Ah yes, 'Adolf and the Camps'. There was an evil man. A very evil man. He rounded up all groups of people and killed them. Some agreed with the man. Most didn't. They fought. Adolf lost. Now, he killed himself, which is unhonorable, and cowardly. But he killed himself believing in his cause. And I believe in this one. You follow me. Are we clear?"

"Yes, Mr President."

Roman detected sarcasm in her voice, but made nothing of it. Jane exited the room, and Roman turned to a bookcase.

"Adolf and the Camps."