"I didn't figure you for a coward!"

"I didn't figure you to be brave!"

Zeldax dived behind a rock as another was thrown at him. He took time to catch his breath. A smaller rock brushed his clean cut brown hair. a few jagged rocks cut through his black bodysuit, blood dripping out.

"Now you've done it," Zeldax muttered. "Why don't you fight me yourself?"

"Because I'm smart. Not like you!"

Zeldax came out from behind the rock, and shot his gun into the cave. Two rocks answered the bullets. One missed Zeldax, who dodged the other one. Then, every rock in the cave, big and small, rose into the air.

"That it?"

Zeldax took out a dagger, and threw it into the darkness. Suddenly every rock crashed to the ground.

"Got ya," said Zeldax smugly. He walked into the darkness.

A hand went over Zeldax's mouth. He felt his legs crumble, and fell to the ground. The mutant stood over him.

Mutants look perfectly human. Some never even reveal themselves, if only out of fear.

"World's greatest bounty hunter my-"


The mutant dropped to the ground. It was dead.

"Mutant scum."

Zeldax grot up, and dragged the body out of the cave.