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Trip and his friends finally made it to Xtruviena High. When they opened the doors, loud noise rushed through their ears. They walked down the halls to find freshmen being picked on by seniors. The group continued to walk down the halls until they reached their English Class. Walking into the class, the group sat down at their seats. They sat close to each other, Trip in the front, Sylvia in the right side of him, Benny on the left, Cameron sitting behind Benny, Megan sitting behind Sylvia, and Wendy behind Trip. Suddenly, three punk teenagers entered the classroom. There was a tall one, an average sized one, and a short one. The tall one had brown hair with red highlights, burgundy colored eyes, thin glasses, and a gap in his teeth. He was also wearing a green uniform with a light green bandanna. The average sized girl had long dirty blonde hair with blue highlights, green eyes, and had a yellow eyeliner. She had a blue and yellow uniform with a star for the decal. The short one had red hair, highlighted with yellow, a buzz-cut for the style; he also had blue eyes, and had a dopey grin. He wore a yellow and orange uniform with an orange bandanna.

"Well what do you know, guys. Cameron's in our class!" The tall one said grinning, showing the gap in his teeth.

"Hey guys!" Cameron said, grinning, and shaking his friends' hands.

While Cameron and Benny were glad their three friends are with them, the others were in deep thought. Aren't those three punk criminals we fought a long time ago? Finally, Benny asked, "How did you guys get here?"

"We asked the boss if we could go here, and he said no at first." Black Jack said loudly. Bobby whacked Black Jack in the head, then said, "But then we said our friends were there, and he grinned really strangely. Then he said 'yes'!"

"Sounds a bit fishy to me." Trip narrowed his eyes, pointing one of his eyebrows up.

When the bell rang, the class filled up fast. Once the class was full, Mr. Finley came in, carrying a load of papers. Then he dropped them on his desk, and grabbed a clipboard, which then he went around each desk, marking attendance. After doing so, he returned to the front of the class, and said loudly, "Alright class, looks like almost everyone is here. The only people who aren't here is..." Then he glanced down on the clipboard, and said coldly, "Michael Freakenstein... Rodney Jackson, and Lawrence Johnson. I know the other two are good students."

"Told you." Benny confirmed, which the group plus Mad Mack, Black Jack, and Bobby were now snickering.

Mr. Finley noticed Benny, and walked over to him and the group. "Now, I hope you, young men, will not joke around the entire year, or you'll get a year's worth of detention!"

Benny glanced at the teacher. He looks like he could be around 25 years old. He thought.

I am a girl! Bobby thought, offended by the teacher's comment.

"Alright, I'll stop." Benny said, before pulling one last snicker.

A sound of a knocking came at the door. Mr. Finley walked over and opened it, which there were two students.

"Ahh, Chris Daniels and Carol Smith!" He smiled, "So great to see you two! I trust you have hall passes?"

The two seniors gave the teacher their tiny slips of paper. "Good. Also, is Michael, Rodney, and Lawrence also arriving today?"

"No, they're in jail until fourth hour." Carol said, soothingly. She was carrying a notebook, which Trip and his group assumed it was a notebook filled with lyrics for the band.

"Ahh. The first day of school, and they're already in jail?" Mr. Finley said to himself, then he said, "That's new, even for them." Then he redirected his eyes to the two students and said, "Please have your seats."

The two seniors walked over and sat near Trip and his group. Chris sat next to his sister, Wendy, while Carol sat next to Megan. After the two took their seats, Mr. Finley turned on the Elmo, and shined the light towards the SMART Board.

"Okay class, since it is the first day of school, we will be going over the rules of the class." Mr. Finley started. "Look at the paper on your desk."

The teacher and students turned around to find a teenager with messy dark black hair sitting in the back with his feet on the desk. The student was sleeping. "Excuse me?" The teacher sneered.

The student then woke up, revealing emerald eyes. The teenager rudely stated, "If this class is boring, then at least do something hilarious to keep me awake!"

"Now you listen here, Clarence Jr." The teacher began turning red in anger. "If you aren't going to learn, I will send you to the principal's office."

"Screw the rules!" He yelled, then got out of his seat, opened his backpack, and took out a small dog. "How did..." Sylvia asked.

"Don't ask." Clarence Jr said, then said to the dog, "Are you hungry now?" The dog was attempting to bite Clarence, but Clarence smirked as he let the dog on the ground, and it ran up to the teacher and chomped on his rear end.

Mr. Finley now had a heated red face. He was running around the room, screaming, and jumping up and down. Then he found the dog, which then bit his nose. "YEEEOOOOWWWWW!" Now he fell on his desk, shaking. He then took the small canine off of his nose, and opened the window and threw it out.

Trip, Benny, and Cameron, were now laughing their heads off, along with Mad Mack, Black Jack, and Bobby, who were recording the whole scene. Mr. Finley faced Clarence Jr, and yelled, "Clarence Freakenstein Jr! You now have a week's worth of detention!"

"Works for me." Clarence said flatly, then walked over to the door, while turning around and shouted, "Rock on, people!" The other students were cheering, and Trip and his friends said, "Bye, Clarence!"

After Clarence left, Mr. Finley sighed, his anger disappeared. When he adjusted his glasses, he was about to go over the rules. However, it was too late, and the bell rang. Mr. Finley sighed again, then yelled over the roaring sound of students getting up, "We'll go over the rules tomorrow!"

Trip and his friends were laughing at what they saw in the hour. "Best hour ever!"

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