Tutoring Jacob

I didn't want to be a tutor. Majority of guys in their senior year of high school don't. But you see, I needed more community service hours to graduate. Okay, that's a lie. I got in trouble with my Algebra 2 teacher, and I happen to do really well in that class. So, I got stuck tutoring some freshman in Algebra 1.

I had never talked to Jacob before I was his tutor, but I definitely knew who he was. I'm not gay, okay? I like girls. Women. Females. I think girls are sexy with their curves, soft lips, and long hair. They're small and dainty. They smell nice and have cute laughs and like to be held when they're scared or sad. But that's the thing. Jacob smells nice and has a cute laugh. He's small and dainty. And, god, did his lips look soft. I blame my weird attraction to him on those things. He's like a girl. Yet, so much better.

"Danny?" I looked up from my books on the library table to see his adorable face. "You're Danny, right?" He asked.

"That would be me. Hi, Jacob. Why don't you take a seat and we can get started?" I gestured to the seat across from me and he took it. "So what is it, exactly, that you need help with?"

"Well, a few things, really. But mostly quadratic equations. I don't understand how everything plugs in. Plus, I'm really bad at finding square roots, and we're not allowed to use calculators." He explained.

"Let me show you a little trick someone showed me. I didn't understand it, either, until I learned this." I said, pulling out a piece of paper. I began showing him how to solve the equations, and he eventually tried some problems on his own. I couldn't help but watch him as he worked. He was so adorable when he was thinking hard.

"You're staring." He stated blankly, and I promptly looked away.

"I was just trying to see your work." I corrected.

"It's okay, I don't mind if you stare at me." He smiled softly, and I tried to fight a blush.

"I wasn't-nevermind." I grumbled. I knew I wasn't a good liar.

I ended up tutoring him every Thursday after school. It was completely pathetic, but I practically lived for Thursdays. Weird, right? What senior would thrive for the one day a week they tutored a freshman? It was three weeks into our tutoring that he asked me something to make me even happier.

"Do you think we could fit in some extra tutoring? It's just, I have a big test coming up, and I wanna make sure I understand." He asked.

"Yeah, of course. When did you want to meet?" I asked.

Well, I'm busy tomorrow, but are you free on Saturday?" He asked me.

"Yeah, Saturday works." I answered.

"Alright. Well, would you mind coming to my house? Since I can't drive or anything." He asked, kind of shyly.

"Sure." I said, and he wrote down his number and address for me, and we parted. I'm glad we did, because when he left, I couldn't stop smiling like an idiot. What the hell was wrong with me?

The next day passed painfully slow, and I couldn't concentrate on anything. This made me slightly irritated, and mad at myself for being anxious to see Jacob. I do not like a boy. I do not like a boy. I do not like a boy. I kept repeating to myself, but it was no use. I liked Jacob. I refused to think it was for any other reason, besides the fact that he was similar to a girl in many ways. Yet, I somehow started liking those differences. The way his shirts kind of hung on his small torso, rather than cling like a girl's would, his short brown hair that let me clearly see his striking features, and the way he slumped in his chair rather than sit up straight, like most girls did when they were around guys. I just liked him.

Saturday came, and I made my way to his house at the time we agreed on. I pulled up and realized my car was the only one in the driveway. Was he home alone? My heart sped up for a second, but I scolded myself. No. He's a freshman. And more importantly, a male freshman. I knocked on his front door to be greeted by a different looking Jacob. He was in sweatpants and a T-shirt, and didn't look quite as thrown together as he did at school. I liked it.

"Hey, Danny. Come on in." He welcomed me, and I smiled at him before walking inside. "Sorry to ask you to come during the weekend. I'm sure as a senior, you don't really want to spend your Saturday tutoring a freshman." He apologized.

"Oh no, it's fine, trust me. I didn't have any other plans, and I really don't mind." I assured him.

He ushered me into his living room, where he had his textbook and notebook open. I started helping him with the chapter review, and I caught him looking at me.

"Do you mind if I ask you a question?" He asked.

"No, go ahead." I prompted.

"Are you gay?" I was taken aback. I stared at him blankly for a moment, before his question fully registered in my mind.


"I was just wondering. It seemed like you were." He shrugged.

"I'm not gay." I argued.

"Are you sure?" He inquired.

"I'm pretty sure I like girls." I shot back.

"That doesn't mean you don't like guys." He smirked. "There's nothing wrong with being gay, or bi, you know. It's okay if you are."

"I didn't say there's anything wrong with it, but I don't like guys!" I stood my case.

"Then why do you always stare at me?" He asked with a smug look.

"I don't know what you're talking about." I denied, but again, I've never been a good liar.

"I wonder what people would say if they found out you liked a freshman. And a guy, at that." He smirked, then slowly leaned closer to me. I panicked, and my reflexes took over.

I kissed him. I don't know why I did. My body did it involuntarily. But I was right. His lips were so soft, just like a girl's. He chuckled into my mouth and deepened the kiss. A moan escaped my lips when he snaked his hand around my waist and up my shirt. His hand on my bare back left a trail of heat, yet made me shiver.

Why was I doing this? I shouldn't have kissed him. I should've stopped myself. So many thoughts were going through my head. Thoughts of regret, but also, as much as I hated it, thoughts of pleasure. Man, was I enjoying this kiss. Jacob distracted me from my thoughts by slipping his tongue into my mouth. His hands were still running over the skin on my torso and back, and somehow my shirt ended up leaving my body. I broke the kiss and trailed my lips over his jaw and down to his neck. He moaned softly, and the sound made my blood boil in the best possible way.

"You seem to be enjoying this, for someone who doesn't like guys," he teased me.

"Shut up," I muttered as I started pulling his shirt from his body. A thought entered my mind, so I halted my actions. "Wait, are you gay?" I asked.

"As a matter of fact," he said, then I felt his hand slide up my leg, and onto my crotch, "I am." I instantly had a raging boner.

"No, this is wrong. What are you, fourteen?"

"Fifteen, actually," he corrected.

"That's not much better. I'm eighteen. I'm almost positive this is illegal," I said, shaking my head, despite how much I wanted him at that moment.

"No one has to know. And, if it's any consolation, I'm giving you my consent," he said seductively, and all rational thoughts left my brain.

"Fuck it," I grumbled, then pushed him down onto the couch, reattaching our mouths while doing so.

"Wait," he said, stopping my motions.

"Please stop fucking with my mind," I pleaded, and he shook his head.

"All I was going to say was that we should move this to my room. It's gonna be a hell of a lot more comfortable on my bed," he explained, and I nodded in agreement.

He grabbed my hand, and our shirts, and tugged me down the hallway and into his room, then slammed the door shut and locked it.

"Please don't tell me you're a virgin. I don't wanna take anyone's innocence," I said warily.

"Don't worry, I'm experienced," he said with a smile. "But, I'm no whore either, so you don't have to worry about STDs or anything," he reassured me as he pulled me over to his bed.

He pushed me onto the bed and climbed on top to straddle me, then grinded into me as he kissed me. My hands slipped under his waistband and squeezed his ass as he rubbed against my hard on. He scooted down my body until he was unbuttoning my pants and eye level with my now exposed cock. He grinned at my size and I felt a rush of pride flow through me. I had been blessed with an above average size, and Jacob clearly appreciated that as he took me into his mouth. I moaned as he flicked his tongue over my slit and swirled it around my head, letting me go with an audible pop.

"Now I know you thought you were straight, but do you know how to prepare me, or am I going to have to do this myself?" He asked, a teasing gleam in his eye.

"No, I know what to do," I mumbled. He grinned and turned to search in his bedside table, then pulled out a bottle of lube.

"Perfect. Then, let's get to it," he gave me a toothy smile and handed me the bottle. I took it from him and laid him back, then kissed his jaw as I pulled off his sweatpants.

He spread his legs for me, and I coated a finger in the liquid, then slowly pushed into his entrance. He groaned as it entered, and once his body adjusted to it, I started moving it. When I figured he was ready, I added more digits until I was at three, then pulled them out to rub the substance on my erection. I looked up into his eyes, making sure everything was alright, and he gave me a reassuring smile. With the silent go-ahead, I aligned myself with him and gently pushed in. He moaned as I slid into him, and once I was all the way in, I stopped to let his body get used to me. He nodded at me, and I started thrusting in and out of him.

"Harder," he panted. "Give me all you've got," he moaned like a whore, and I obliged, slamming as hard as I could into him.

After a few moments, he put his hands up, signaling me to stop, and I gave him a confused look. He just smirked and pushed me off of him, then pushed me again, down onto his bed, so I was on my back. I was puzzled, but he climbed on top of me and swallowed me whole, once again, then proceeded to ride me. It was my turn to moan. He bounced, grinded, made figure eights, everything to drive me insane. I neared my climax and he started stroking himself as he bounced faster, bringing me closer and closer to my end. I came inside of him, and he released his load onto my stomach shortly after.

"That was the best fuck I've ever had," he said, crashing next to me.

"Well there's an ego boost," I chuckled.

"I hope this isn't a one time thing," he admitted, and I rolled over and pressed my lips to his.

"This definitely isn't a one time thing," I said, and he smiled.