Norris and Nazareth

Jesus went flying from the impact of Chuck Norris' punch. He skidded along the ground before he flipped through the air and landed on his feet. And you thought he only healed cripples.

"Well didn't he come back from the dead?" Danny asked.

Shut up, Danny.

Norris quickly caught up and did a roundhouse kick, nearly catching Jesus in the throat. Nearly. Jesus merely tilted his head to the side and grabbed the attacking leg. Todd and Danny were just happy that they were being left alone for the moment.

So out of nowhere comes Buddah. He gathered himself, and thrusted forward with his belly, hitting Todd in the back and throwing him through a brick wall.

"What the fu-" Dany said before he too was thrown through the wall. Buddah laughed maliciously. He began walking towards his prey, only to have a red, white, and blue top hat hit him in the head, knocking him to the ground.

A tall figure in pants that matched the hat walked up. Uncle Sam had joined the fight.

"This is getting weirder and weirder." Todd groaned.

Uncle Sam and Chuck Norris looked at each other and grinned, just as Buddah and Jesus did the same. It was now a tag team fight.

Buildings shattered into pieces, mountains were ripped out of the ground, oceans covered the land, and land covered the oceans and the aliens all ran away in fear. Hours later, they all got bored and ate some schwarma. The battle was declared a draw.

Todd and Danny sighed in relief. "Can we go home now?" Todd asked me. "Maybe after we get some money and/or hookers."

No, not happening. You can get the big bootied bitches after Jesus vomits up his food. Oh, there he goes.

Norris and Sam laughed as he vomited hard enough to shoot his sandals out of his mouth.

Alright, you guys can exit the story now.

Hookers by the dozen appeared from everywhere, laughing and moaning and swarming around the two boys. They laughed for a moment, then, they disappeared in the sea of tits and ass.

The hookers scattered, going their seperate ways, and when they left, Todd and Danny were nowhere in sight.

Good riddance, I need some more complacent characters.

The End

I think.