Don't you want to know?

What happened to them?

Don't you ever wonder?

What was that stories end?

I have a choice now

The truth or I could tell some lies

I think that honesty

Isn't worth my time

So they grew up and found love

Got married a few years ago

One of them has a little boy

The other still doesn't know

They both became good people

They're still the best of friends

They're kids are lucky

And that's how their happy story ends

You smile and thank god

Something's turned out good

That's why I didn't tell you

And I don't think I could

Cuz the truth is they're not happy

They forgot what to live for

Their hearts are much too damaged

For loving anymore

It's true one of them has a little boy

And it's true the other doesn't know

But those children won't understand

Why their mothers/fathers won't come home

One of them was a coward

Took to many pills with his/her alcohol

The other jumped off that bridge

Knowing it was fatal fall

They left their loved ones crying

And their children won't ever know why

Their mothers/fathers looked at old photographs

And couldn't do anything but cry