Only a few feet away from you,
I stand stubbornly,
refusing to budge an inch.

But you find a chink in my armor,
and I close the distance bewteen us
just a little.
Curiously, hesitantly.

One step closer.

You chip away at my walls,
and soon I long to know you
but your answers
only raise more questions.

Another step closer.

I'm teetering at the edge now,
a nervous, anxious feeling
swimming in my veins.

There's only one more step.

I hesitate, doubt tugging me back.
I take the plunge,
finally surrendering to the feeling of falling...

Falling in love with you.

And as I fall,
I wonder
will you be there to catch me
or will you let me shatter?

The sequel "Glass Heart" is now up. I strongly recommend you check it out.

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