Fairytale Endings

There is a certain innocence in her eyes,

A twinkling when she laughs,

And a glowing about her smiling face.

She reads all about beautiful princesses,

Who have gorgeous long blond hair

And enchanting blue eyes

To match their perfect rosy lips.

Yet, there is a moment,

When that pure innocence,

That twinkling laugh,

And that glowing smile

Disappears from her beautiful face,

And you want to take back the words.

But what happens when you can't?

What if you can't stop her from feeling the pain?


That's the thing…

There will be a time when she will meet her Prince.

The one that will give her butterflies,

That will make her knees buckle,

And that will melt her heart.

But what about those other "Charming" fellows,

Each with their own sets of half-truth promises?
Through each love she will learn that:

In each kiss sparks a hope,

In holding hands will bring a warmth,

And in every word spoken there forms a bond.

You can't stop her from falling,

But you can always go and pick her up

And kiss away the pain…

Now, take the time!

Teach her to be herself,

And to not change for anyone else

Because she is beautiful,

Regardless of the status quo.

Remind her though,

As she gets older,

That while fairytales are wonderful,

They are only just that:


It's you who has the capability to change the ending,

Not those stupid "perfect" princesses.