2nd Album, Outro: Liberation & Dedication

A sensational performance. Optimistic heart. The journey continues.

It was precisely 5:36 P.M. the next day, just minutes away from the grand showcase at Tokyo Stadium. Locals and commuters – from Aichi to Yamanashi – filled the stadium's open roof arena. Overlapped whispers and cheers, chants and harmonized handclaps. The people eagerly implored tonight's entertainment. Damita, where are you? Damita, where are you?

The Queen held her heart backstage, touched by Nihon's adoration and support. "I always did enjoy touring Japan", she said as her fellow performers happily looked on. "they're always full of spirit... But like all my other performances, I'm... well... I'm a bit nervous."

"Don't be, Boss Lady", Diamond encouraged.

"You do best, Damita-san", Beat supported.

"Ganbare, Oneesan (Give it your best, Sister)", the rappers dittoed.

Damita turned to her friends with a nervous smile. "We're all the same right now, Mimi", Aelita stepped forward in affirmation. "nervous because today is a big day... The Shibuya 5, for instance – this is the day of advancement, the next big step in their journey... Butterflies are everywhere but, together, we can pull through this. I know it – together as a team, we can make everything super awesomely stellar!"

Everyone was touched by the emcee's strong conviction. "You always step in when intervention is most needed", the Queen stepped forward and placed her hand on Aelita's shoulder. "and you do it with unmatched kindness and grace. Aside from your charming outlook on life, that is the kind of quality that makes you stand out from most emcees in the music world... I can see why 'it' chose you now – you're the most lovable and charitable girl I've ever met."

The emcee blushed and shot a peace-sign with her right hand. "I guess you can call it one of my better habits", her response tickled her friends.

Ryunosuke stood next to Aelita and posed just like her. "And I see someone's starting to pick up on those habits", Crispin snickered, adjusting his glasses. "not sure if that's good or bad in this case."

Everyone was tickled by the manager's clever comment. "Criss", Aelita droned. "you're not supposed to tease your juniors!"

"Be it beyond me to do that, dear."

"You just did it!"

"Mmm, yes, and that is what makes it so clever."

Their playful bickering filled the crowd with laughter. "Oneechan", the rocker caught the emcee's attention. "You have a positive effect on people."

"Do I really?" Aelita wondered.

"Yes. Why, just a moment ago, we were all nervous. Now we are laughing and having fun. It's as if you are a muse – a goddess of inspiration, whose presence brings good fortune to those around her."

"Oh my goodness", the emcee blushed. "Ryu, you're really giving me too much credit here. I don't think I'm that special... that's like so not stellar."

Everyone was tickled by their adorable bond. "Oneesan ga kawaī sugiru (Sister is too cute)", Treb and Tone cooed.


Damita's stage coordinator entered. "Excuse me, everyone", her serious yet gentle tone drew everyone's attention. "the show will start in precisely three minutes. It's best you take your places before then."

The performers overflowed with excitement. "Thank you very much, Billie Jean", the Queen acknowledged. "we'll be all set in just a second."

"Good, good – and, as always, I wish everyone the best of luck."

"Thanks a mil, BJ."




Two minutes later, the roof of Tokyo Stadium began to close.


The cheers became harmonious yet untamed.

Chanting and roaring all around, feelings becoming one. The excitement was on high – at the peak of pandemonium. Cries of love and adoration. Words of praise. The heart of Nihon resonated vibrantly.


The Queen spoke in their native language, rousing the hearts of Nihon with her every word. " Mukashi-mukashi... (Once upon a time...)", theatrical symphonic music accompanied her monologue. "...utsukushī joō ga sunde imashita. Kanojo wa yasashī te de kono ji o shihai shite ita. Kanojo no utawoutau. Hitobito ni ai no jumon o tonaeru. Made, tsuitachi, heiwa no kanojo no chisei... obiyakasa reta. (...there lived a beautiful queen. She ruled the land with a gentle hand. Singing her song. Casting a spell of love on the people. Until, one day, her reign of peace... was jeopardized.)"

God, save the Queen...

A CGI video segment was cued on the big screen, narrating the Queen's entrapment by the evil Warlock of the Forrest, Darkondus. "Release me at once", the Queen demanded of the cackling warlock who cast his evil spell upon the caged beauty. "You monster. You won't have your way – I will not surrender the kingdom to you!"

Who will come to her rescue?

"Foolish little queen", the warlock laughed. "tis' not the kingdom I desire, but your voice – oh, my dear Royal Queen – that voice of yours is the most precious treasure of all. With it, I will fill the entire land with never-ending sorrow, and all your beloved subjects shall then bow down to me!"

(Shibuya 5/Dragon Hiryu)

You're Majesty!

The Queen delighted amidst her fear, "Oh thank goodness. Everyone, I'm up here – Darkondus has me captured!"

The second track of the Queen's Word album, God, Save the Queen, began to play. Strobe lights trailed her signature tiara across the arena... Her emblem rose from the stage floor, signature flash and flair, smoke and mirrors breathing life into the crowd. Tokyo Stadium overflowed with excitement!


G-g-g-god, save the queen

The crowd roared as the CGI video segment came to an end, and revealed two warring sides: the Princess and her loyal knights, pit against Darkondus' forest imps. The first song of the evening commenced as a beautifully choreographed dance-battle performance.


Ya hocus pocus may have saved you then

But it won't save you when we meet again

You've crossed the line this time

You best believe you're a** is mine


Since you couldn't have the sun

You kidnapped the great one

What did you THINK, I would sit back and BLINK?

Your teeth I will SINK!

The Princess ruined the last of the forest imps, and made her way to the tower of Dark Willow Castle, along with her loyal soldiers.


To ar-ar-ar-arms, my friends!



Never knew how to relate

Digging a ditch, the grave is your fate


Had millions in your hand

Throughout the land, your name would expand


Now ya teeth grittin' like a jackhammer

Threatening, trying to drop-drop the super-slammer


Break through the wall!


Buss em' down like a killer drama


Watch them fall!


Send em' home cryin' fo' dey mama



Mother, do you hear us?

We're on our way to save you

Just sit back, my mother, and trust

It won't be long, it won't be long


(Dragon Hiryu)

God save the queen

We can hear you screaming

W-w-we can hear you pleading

Don't worry, we've come for you


My babies, save me

I can hear you running

I-I-I can hear you fighting

Don't worry, I'll wait for you

The Princess and her loyal knights arrived to the tower, where the Queen was imprisoned. "Mother", the Princess rushed forward, only to be repulsed by Darkondus' barrier. "Darkondus! You heartless old forest hermit... Let her go – she has never done you any wrong! If you don't, I'll..."

The warlock laughed, "What can you do, Royal Princess? You and your measly little knights are no match for my limitless power!"

"My dear", the Queen implored of her daughter. "use your Holy Sword. It has the power to defeat his evil magic. Hurry... my voice..."

"Mother..." the Princess became livid.


Do-do-do-do not test me, son

Don't you know you're messing with the wrong one?

I slew the dragon with the BIG MOUTH

And now I'm gonna put ya lights out


Don't run away from me, boy

I wanna play with ya face – my toy

It's no longer any FUN, when you're the weak ONE

Now I'mma break ya little bun-bun

The Princess slashed through Darkondus' barrier with her Holy Sword!

"This can't be", the warlock outraged. "that's impossible! Royal Princess – you and that infernal sword of yours! Forest imps, destroy them!"

The imps returned and the Princess rallied her knights, "Men – onward to battle. May we see glory, in the name of our queen!"

The dance-battle recommenced.


I don't know how these fools carry on

Spittin' nonsense till the break of dawn


Your motives are sick

Don't even make sense, cus ya pride's too thick


Re-re-re-release the greatest ever

The game is done – you will never ever win, never


Give it up!


Blow em' off like a feather




Cus the queen's word is always better



Mother, do you see us?

We're here to save you

Just sit back, my mother, and trust

It won't be long, it won't be long


(Dragon Hiryu)

God save the queen

We heard you screaming

W-w-we heard you pleading

Don't worry, we'll rescue you


My babies, please save me

I can see you strugglin'

I-I-I can feel your passion

Don't worry, I'll pray for you

The Queen's word was spoken. "O holy light", the stage was lit with prismatic brilliance, which purified the warlock's dark magic. "fill my beloved with your radiance – to end this wretched evil!"

The Princess charged through the forest imps. "Darkondus", she drove her holy sword through the warlock's chest. "you're finished!"

"Curse you, Royal Queen, Royal Princess", the warlock was purified, his soul cast back to the pits from whence it came. "NOOOO...!"


The warlock's evil was lifted, and the forest imps were cleansed – revealed to be normal people of the kingdom. "Your Majesty", the people released the Queen from her cage. "forgive us, we beg of you."

The people humbled themselves before her tender mercies. "Don't worry my friends, you're forgiven", the Queen tore off her dress and revealed a vivacious yet classy dance outfit. "as long as you dance with me!"

The final dance segment commenced.


So now I am free

The kingdom is safe again (once again)

I thank you for your courage, for all your sympathy

My babies, I must say

(I never felt so lucky)



Thank the heavens for answering

With this beautiful blessing

His favor is so true (so true)

I thank God we found you


(Dragon Hiryu)

God has saved the queen

We can see you dancing

W-w-we can feel your singing

It's beautiful, so pure and true


My babies, I knew you

Would fortify your passion

I-I-I felt your dedication

Best believe I love you

The Princess lifted her holy sword to the sky...


Holy light, take us home

Back to whence we came from

...We're gone!

...and the stage went dark.

The widescreen then beamed a beautiful golden glow, and the crowd went wild. Strobe lights accentuated the effect by trailing golden tiaras across the arena... The show was just starting, and their dream was being realized.


The fiber optic microphones were deactivated. "We did it, Ryu, we really did it", the emcee excited backstage. "We actually performed together – it was so super awesomely stellar. Absolutely out of this world!"

In a wave of emotion, the friends embraced. "Oneechan", the rocker wept with the emcee. "this isn't the end – this is just the beginning. The dream will continue... and it will only get better. I just know it..."




A studio filled with graceful and powerful rhythm.

Seven lines of youthful souls, grooving and dancing to an energetic urban beat. "Come on, everyone", a female British instructor motivated. "feel the music. One. Two. One, two, three – and finish!"

The instrumental ended, and the instructor turned to her students. "I'm so very proud", she congratulated. "you've all improved since we last met. Keep this up and we'll make the Dance Off – might even take home the gold."

One of the dancers was exceptionally fatigued. "Has your dream tuckered you out already", the instructor approached the said student. "or have you not been getting enough sleep, like I asked you to, young lady?"

"Madam Scarlet, I", the student shamed away.

The instructor stood before her stubborn pupil. "You what, my dear?" the instructor lectured, hands on her hips. "I take it this is another one of your adorable yet undeniably obvious excuses?"

The class was tickled by the instructor's witty character. "I can't wait to hear this one, Ms. O'Callaghan", the instructor petted her student's head. "I must say, my dear – taking on both the dance and the martial arts world sounds like quite stressful. Wouldn't you agree?"

The fatigued student stood to her feet with determination. "Madam Scarlet", the student spoke with a heavy Irish accent. "me dream of bein' the best dancer n' the best fighter 'tisn't bout bein' tuckered out. 'Tis bout resolve – dedication – givin' it me best shot yeah?"

"Just don't overwork yourself while you're at it."

"Aye. But ye don't need ter be worryin' bout that, Madam. I may seem a wee stubborn, but me know when te take it easy, believe it."

The instructor turned with a charmed smile. "We'll just see about that", the instructor approached the front of the studio, as the university bell rung. "until then, you're all dismissed. Be sure to get plenty of rest, eat properly, and keep those bodies good and strong. Ta-ta, my little darlings."

The students grabbed their bags and began leaving the studio. "Oh and by the way, Ms. O'Callaghan", the instructor caught the stubborn youth midway through the crash doors. "would you kindly tell Mr. Cheng to cut back on the heavy training? Your legs were rather stiff today. If you're going to balance out dance and martial arts, your body must be 'firm yet light' – if this equilibrium is unstable, you'll start lagging and eventually you'll start lacking. You won't realize your dream if that becomes an issue."

The Irish student beamed upon her concerned teacher. "I'll be sure ter relay the message te da old man for ya", she promised with girlish charm. "Ma dream's just in me reach – canny ford te see it washed away yeah."

"You really are optimistic, aren't you?"

"Aye, 'tis da only way te be, ya know", the bubbly dancer shot a peace sign. "like a flower n' de wind – soarin' twerds excellence. Peace baby!"

X~~~*Curtain Call*~~~X

And there you have it, everyone - the 2nd Album is complete :)! I shall now return to working on my Dreamscape story on FanFiction - it's been about a week since I posted anything, trying to get this out of the way. As you can see, my next hero will be female - and the next will obviously be male, but that will come later. Until next time, everyone, enjoy the contents. I'm really looking forward to hearing from you all. Love you :).

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